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Hi All 

Wonder wether anyone else has recently had a non-sensical d/d increase notification from OVO  ( computer generated figures ) ?

Basically I'm 1 year and 1 month into a 2 year fixed deal with OVO so my energy costs this year upto the end of my contact in October 2023

should be the same as last year BUT if my d/d remained the same I would also have in addition the £400 government grant applied so this

should reduce my energy costs ,  added to this my balance is currently in credit by £900 , so by my reckoning OVO will owe me about £600

in October 2023 if I leave my d/d at £182 as it has been throughout this 2 year contract . Im able to check my current usage on their helpful 

online account tool and this shows my usage figures shadowing last year so not an increased usage issue . I send meter readings every month ! 

BUT OH NO !  Ovo reckon I will be £3000 short and have without my permission and against my expressed wishes increased this /d/ to £459 !

I have had 4 emails with their staff and asked 4 times to manually show their calculations , they have refused and basically said " computer says no ! "

I have to wait 4 more weeks before I'm allowed to involve the regulator .


  • be aware everyone the OVO computer is miscalculating the estimated energy units used on their MY OVO energy usage argh/chart . they are given figures monthly by me and have 14 months actual figures and 14 months of bills used but they done use this to calculate my usage going forward , instead somehow generate figures 5 times higher . An example , I gave Ojo gas reading near October and November end ( so a full month ) they generated a bill accordingly . my usage was 1000 kWh and yet they show 5000kwh on my usage chart !!! They then use this fictions figure to decide that I'm going to owe them an additional £3000 by September 2023 despite being on a fixed price contract until then .  I discovered on Martin Lewis posts I was entitled to ask for a maul breakdown of estimated usage going forward so did ( it took OVO staff 4 attempts to send me this , just ignoring my request 3 times ) . Today they have and bizarrely my d/d has gone down from £459 to £140 ; even lower than original figure . see attached email from them .
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    Same here,  there is no talking to them they are the pits. I had proof of my usage for 2 years, they had 2 months as I was moved from SSE but they refused to accept I wouldn't use the amount they guesses at. 
  • had exactly the same problem (but not as bad as you),
    been in contact about 4 times over the last 3 months and it is still not resolved, however the last person I spoke to reduced my DD by the maximum they could without the case getting resolved, but I believe this still to be too high and I am currently at nearly 700 in credit 
  • so after my last post  "Groundhog Day " I two weeks ago received the same ridiculous email from OVO wanted to increase my d/d to £447 as again wrongly they claim I would have been £1900 in debt by September ! they decreased my d/d without my permission in January to £140 !!!!  I made a formal complaint and within days received the reply below stating that actually I'm overpaying and my d/d should be £20/month !!!!!!!! they did nothing with the same info in December but have the nerve to say that's ' not a fault caused by OVO " ???
  • I went through OVO complaint department whom offered me £100 compensation for their negligence , I refused this and through the ombudsman received £200 and they upheld my complaint . OVO for 6 months had pretended to run this account properly but over the last two are saying they cant give me a d/d recommendation and have not processed any of the gas readings they thank me for sending , log as received on meter reading section and then state not received on billing section ; so we start the complaints process all over again !
  • £200 compensation for a poorly set DD? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, keep shaking that money tree I’d say and see what else falls out.
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    Or move for a less stressful life
  • markin said:
    Or move for a less stressful life
    Yes , but most of my original complaint was about a mistake and a customer service department that failed to see their repeated mistake meaning my correct £140 went to £450 with no ability to challenge . I could have afforded it at £1000 month BUT others cant and are not able to challenge with my confidence and such an increase could have affected their debt level . sometimes change is for others 
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    Did you get the meter serial number issue fixed?
  • I thought I had but they are still refusing to process the gas meter readings I'm sending them despite them appearing on my dashboard 
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