Ecodan ASHP heating not working

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As per the title, we have hot water but no heating. With reference to this thread (I've added spaces as I can't post links) https:// /discussion/6402486 /mitsubishi-ecodan-ashp-no-heating/p4 I have checked:

- desired temperature is set to 22 but it doesn't get above 16
- paused water so it was just trying to do heating with no joy
- as per the other thread, I went into the loft and checked out the 3 port valve - all 3 pipes are hot, including the B pipe
- but I followed the B pipe and there is a part where the pipe becomes colder 
- video of my findings is on you tube. I can't post links but search 'ASHB blocked?' or remove spaces from this link: https:// /watch?v= HEunlBcq-9g

So I guess the question I'm asking - is it blocked? Is there anything I can do apart from calling in a professional?
Any help appreciated!


  • tacpot12
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    The fact that the B  pipe is cooler suggests that there is insufficient flow past that point. I think you could try tapping with the handle of a screwdriver or similar, at that point in the pipework, to see if you can break up or free the obstruction. Tap gently though. Remember copper is a soft metal! ( I assume this is a copper pipe where you can feel there are warmer and cooler sections.) 

    If that doesn't work, I think it would be time to call in some professional support to diagnose the problem. Try to get someone who knows the Ecodans well.  
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    I don't believe that this is an ASHP specific problem and the heat pump is clearly producing heat.
    The thing that you point to is an auto air vent located at the highest point in the central heating pipework and this should vent excess air.
    These valves have a float inside them which can jam or it could simply have some crud inside preventing the air vent from venting correctly.
    Focus on getting air out of your system before calling anyone out.

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    Certainly check if air is trapped in pipework beneath that brass 'bottle' automatic air vent.  The plastic vent is sometimes screwed down tight (closed) rather than slightly loose (auto) to avoid water leaks?
  • Thanks for the replies.
    tacpot12 - had a tap around all the pipes but sadly no magical resumption of heating!

    Rodders53 - The plastic vent wasn't tight but there was water in it; is that to be expected or should it have been dry if it's functioning correctly?

    espresso - any suggestions to try and clean the vent out apart from giving it a few taps? Would I be able to poke something down through the hole - would that help? Also "getting air out of your system" - do you think that's the cause? If so, how do I go about doing that? Any good sites / checklists that I could reference?

    thanks agian
  • markin
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    Bleeding all the rads would be a start
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