DPD warning - it's in chaos and 24 hour parcels are taking days

Just a warning to anyone not aware - DPD are in one hell of a state at the moment, and have been for days.

Stuff's not getting delivered on time, it's presumably piled up in warehouses and impossible to sort out, and those awaiting deliveries are just getting daily texts and emails blaming an 'unexpected issue' for yet another day's delay.

What was one of the best is now the worst - worse than Evri and Yodel even!  And impossible to contact too - they just ignore all complaints.



an unexpected issue

CountyDelay in days from todayPostcodes
Avon1BA1, BA2, BS0, BS1, BS10, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS2, BS3, BS30, BS31, BS32, BS36, BS37, BS39, BS4, BS40, BS41, BS49, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS80, BS9, BS98, BS99, GL9
Avon2BS11, BS20, BS21, BS34
Berwickshire1TD10, TD11, TD12, TD13, TD14, TD2, TD3, TD4
Cheshire1CH1, CH2, CH3, CH70, CH88, CW1, CW10, CW11, CW12, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, CW6, CW7, CW8, CW9, CW98, M33, SK1, SK10, SK11, SK12, SK14, SK15, SK16, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9, WA1, WA13, WA14, WA15, WA16, WA2, WA3, WA4, WA5 0, WA5 1, WA5 2, WA5 3, WA5 4, WA5 6, WA5 7, WA5 8, WA5 9, WA55, WA6, WA7, WA8, WA88
Cleveland1TS21, TS22, TS24, TS25, TS26, TS27
County Durham1DH1, DH2, DH3, DH6, DH7, DH8, DH9, DH97, DH98, DH99, DL16, DL17, SR7, SR8, TS28, TS29
Cumbria1CA1, CA10, CA11, CA12, CA13, CA14, CA15, CA18, CA19, CA2, CA20, CA21, CA22, CA23, CA24, CA25, CA26, CA27, CA28, CA3, CA4, CA5 6, CA5 7, CA6 4, CA6 5, CA6 6, CA7, CA8, CA9, CA95, CA99
Derbyshire1DE1, DE21, DE22, DE23 1, DE23 2, DE23 3, DE23 4, DE23 6, DE23 8, DE24, DE3 0, DE3 9, DE4, DE45, DE5, DE55, DE56, DE6, DE65, DE7, DE72, DE73 5, DE73 6, DE73 7, DE73 8, DE74, DE75, DE99, S18, S40, S41, S42, S43, S44, S45, S49, SK13, SK17, SK22, SK23
Dumfriesshire1DG1, DG10, DG11, DG12, DG13, DG14, DG16, DG2, DG3, DG4
Dunbartonshire1G81, G82, G83, G84
East Lothian1EH31, EH32, EH33, EH34, EH35, EH36, EH39, EH40, EH41, EH42
Fife1KY1, KY11, KY12, KY2, KY3, KY4, KY5, KY6, KY7, KY99
Gwent1NP10, NP11, NP12, NP13, NP15, NP18, NP20, NP22, NP24, NP44
Gwent2NP16, NP19, NP23, NP25, NP26, NP4, NP7
Kirkcudbrightshire1DG5, DG6, DG7
Lanarkshire1G11, G12, G13, G14, G15, G23, G5, G51, G60, G61, G62, G63, G64, G65, G66, G70, G71
Lancashire1BB10, BB11, BB12, BB18, BB4, BB5, BB6, BB7, BB8, BB9, BB94, BL0, BL1, BL11, BL2, BL3, BL4, BL7, BL78, BL8, BL9, FY0, FY1, FY2, FY3, FY4, FY5, FY6, FY7, FY8, L39, L40, LA1, LA2, M1 1, M1 2, M1 3, M1 4, M1 5, M1 6, M1 7, M11 0, M11 1, M11 2, M11 3, M11 4, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16 0, M16 6, M16 7, M16 8, M16 9, M17, M18, M19, M2, M20, M21 0, M21 3, M21 7, M21 8, M21 9, M22, M23, M24 0, M24 1, M24 2, M24 4, M24 5, M24 6, M25, M26, M27 0, M27 4, M27 5, M27 6, M27 8, M27 9, M28, M29, M3 1, M3 2, M3 3, M3 4, M3 5, M3 6, M3 7, M30, M31, M32 0, M32 2, M32 8, M32 9, M34, M35, M38, M4, M40, M41, M43, M44, M45, M46, M5 0, M5 3, M5 4, M5 5, M50, M6, M60 0, M60 1, M60 2, M60 3, M60 4, M60 6, M60 7, M60 8, M60 9, M61, M7, M8, M9, M90, M99, OL1, OL10, OL11, OL12, OL13, OL14, OL15, OL16, OL2, OL3, OL4, OL5, OL6, OL7, OL8, OL9, OL95, PR0, PR1, PR11, PR2, PR26, PR3, PR4, PR5 0, PR5 4, PR5 5, PR5 6, PR5 8, PR5 9, WN1, WN2, WN3, WN4, WN5, WN6, WN7, WN8
Leicestershire1LE1, LE11, LE12, LE13, LE14, LE16, LE18, LE19, LE2, LE21, LE3, LE4, LE41, LE5, LE6, LE65, LE67, LE7, LE8, LE87, LE94, LE95
Lincolnshire1DN21, LN1, LN10, LN11, LN12, LN13, LN2, LN3, LN4, LN5, LN6, LN7, LN8, LN9, NG31, NG32, NG33, NG34, PE11, PE20, PE21, PE22, PE23, PE24, PE25
Merseyside1CH25, CH26, CH27, CH28, CH29, CH30, CH31, CH32, CH33, CH34, CH41, CH42, CH43, CH44, CH45, CH46, CH47, CH48, CH49, CH60, CH61, CH62, CH63, CH64, CH65, CH66, L1, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L2, L20, L21, L22, L23, L24, L25, L26, L27, L28, L29, L3, L30, L31, L32, L33, L34, L35, L36, L37, L38 0, L38 1, L38 3, L38 4, L38 5, L38 6, L38 7, L38 8, L38 9, L4, L5, L6, L67, L68 0, L69, L7, L70 1, L70 2, L70 8, L70 9, L71, L72, L73, L74, L75, L8, L80, L9, PR8, PR9, WA10, WA11, WA12, WA9
Mid Glamorgan1CF45, CF46, CF81, CF82, CF83
Midlothian1EH1, EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH17, EH18, EH19, EH2, EH20, EH21, EH22, EH23, EH24, EH25, EH26, EH27, EH28, EH3 1, EH3 5, EH3 6, EH3 7, EH3 8, EH3 9, EH37, EH38, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH77, EH8, EH9, EH91, EH95, EH99
Northamptonshire1NN17, NN18
Northumberland1NE22, NE23, NE24, NE41, NE42, NE43, NE44, NE45, NE46, NE47, NE48, NE49, NE61, NE62, NE63, NE64, NE65, NE66, NE67, NE68, NE69, NE70, NE71, TD15
North Yorkshire1DL6, DL7, DL8, HG1, HG2, HG3, HG4, HG5, LS24, YO1, YO10, YO11, YO12, YO13, YO17, YO18, YO19, YO21, YO22, YO23, YO24, YO26, YO30, YO31, YO32, YO51, YO60, YO61, YO62, YO7, YO8, YO90, YO91
Nottinghamshire1DN22, NG1, NG10, NG11, NG12, NG13, NG14, NG15, NG16, NG17, NG18, NG19, NG2, NG20, NG21, NG22, NG23, NG24, NG25, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG6, NG7, NG70, NG8, NG80, NG9, NG90, S80, S81
Peeblesshire1EH43, EH44, EH45, EH46
Roxburghshire1TD5, TD6, TD8, TD9
Selkirkshire1TD1, TD7
Shropshire1SY1, SY13, SY14, SY2, SY3, SY4, SY5, SY99
Somerset1BA11, BA3 2, BA3 3, BA3 4, BA3 5, BA3 9
South Glamorgan1CF10, CF11, CF15, CF23, CF3, CF30, CF5, CF63, CF64, CF91, CF95, CF99
South Glamorgan2CF14, CF24
South Humberside1DN15, DN16, DN17, DN18, DN19, DN20, DN31, DN32, DN33, DN34, DN35, DN36, DN37, DN38, DN39, DN40, DN41
South Yorkshire1DN9, S21, S70, S71, S72, S75
Staffordshire1ST1, ST10, ST11, ST12, ST13, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST17, ST18, ST19, ST2, ST20, ST21, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST55, ST6, ST7, ST8, ST9
Tyne And Wear1DH4, DH5, NE1, NE10, NE11, NE12, NE13, NE15, NE16, NE17, NE18, NE19, NE2, NE20, NE21, NE25, NE26, NE27, NE28, NE29, NE3, NE30, NE31, NE32, NE33, NE34, NE35, NE36, NE37, NE38, NE39, NE4, NE40, NE5, NE6, NE7, NE8, NE82, NE83, NE85, NE88, NE9, NE92, NE98, NE99, SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR43 2, SR43 3, SR43 4, SR5, SR6, SR9
West Lothian1EH29, EH30, EH52, EH53
West Yorkshire1HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4, HD5, HD6, HD7 4, HD7 5, HD7 6, HD7 9, HD8, HD9, HX1, HX2, HX3, HX4, HX5, HX6, HX7, LS1, LS10, LS11, LS12, LS13, LS14, LS15, LS16, LS17, LS18, LS19, LS2, LS20, LS21, LS22, LS23, LS25, LS26, LS27, LS28, LS29, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS7, LS8, LS88 1, LS88 8, LS9, LS98, LS99, WF1, WF10, WF11, WF12, WF13, WF14, WF16, WF17, WF2, WF3, WF4, WF5, WF6, WF7, WF8, WF9, WF90
Wigtownshire1DG8, DG9
Wiltshire1BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, SN11, SN12, SN13, SN14, SN15


  • MikeJXE
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    Get used to it this is just the start 
  • soolin
    soolin Posts: 72,153 Ambassador
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    I posted about this on another thread. My OH bought some items from a usual stockist this morning and they have a warning now that they can't even say when their parcels are being collected by DPD. let alone delivered. Luckily ours is not time sensitive but we have been warned that depending on area it is likely to be after Christmas now, and possibly even after New Year. 
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  • Parcel2Go suspended DPD services a few days ago

    "As a recent customer of DPD services through Parcel2Go, we wanted to let you know that due to a huge surge in demand, DPD domestic services have been temporarily suspended. DPD international services are still available.

    Any parcels currently in the network prior to this suspension will proceed as normal but will be subject to delays. We are working closely with DPD to bring back services as soon as possible."
  • Forwandert
    Forwandert Posts: 1,211 Forumite
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    I think the problem is with the strikes and Dpd being the only other one I would usually consider as reliable. 

    We usually send between 300-1000 packages a day with Dpd and from Monday there are numerous postcodes now they won't even collect the packages for ongoing, Some we can push by going to 48hr delivery but they haven't suspended everything for us though.

    Last week they suddenly started collecting 4 times a day instead of the usual 2 and I'm not even sure why we didn't request it, some of the collections they didn't have anything to collect so it looked a little like chaos was just starting. 

    Luckily Christmas isn't a busy period for us probably down to 30 or so parcels a day (I'd say 75% being collected still) and wrapping up this week for Christmas anyway. 
  • pulliptears
    pulliptears Posts: 14,575 Forumite
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    They have had my parcel for 14 days now.
    Every day I get an 'out for delivery' confirmation and around 4pm that day I get a 'sorry, it's delayed'.  I've been stuck in that loop since it arrived at the local depot.  Doubly annoying is the fact DPD have actually been to my address twice now to deliver two parcels I ordered after this one.  Presumably the system isn't clever enough to tell the drivers there is another parcel waiting to go out.
    I spoke to my seller yesterday who disappointingly took the stance of 'well, you'll get it when you get it what do you want us to do?'
    Eventually I called DPD and got a helpful guy who did something on the system and put in a delivery schedule for Thursday, he tells me this should break the cycle and get it on a van and out of the warehouse.
    The irony being, as I spoke to him on the phone DPD delivered to my neighbour.
  • TripleH
    TripleH Posts: 3,018 Forumite
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    edited 15 December 2022 at 8:55AM
    We had a food delivery from DPD both due and received on Sunday but not the pet food delivery we expected the previous Monday (cat litter arrived okay) in the end we popped out Monday and got smaller bags to tie us over.
    Had a message yesterday morning to say they'd deliver that evening, but that got cancelled later in the day.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
  • jacko220
    jacko220 Posts: 125 Forumite
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    Must say DPD delivered exactly on time with my Fish Delivery, cannot fault them,
  • RFW
    RFW Posts: 10,012 Forumite
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    From what I've seen they're doing OK on their big clients. I get about 4 or 5 parcels per day from them from one vendor and they email me a time they're coming followed swiftly by a "sorry unexpected issue, we ain't coming" message.
    I quite like getting parcels from DPD, in general, when I used them to send with they weren't so good.
    Also from my experience Evri are in worse shape. At least with DPD I have some confidence that they know where the parcels are and have a system of sorting.
    I've spoken to a few people from big senders to the courier drivers and it's fairly unanimous that this is the worst anyone has known.

    Also worth a shout out to the drivers who get on with the job of delivering whilst getting abuse from people who's parcel was a day or two late. It's rarely the drivers' fault.
  • Penguin_
    Penguin_ Posts: 1,217 Forumite
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    Still getting stuff next day via DPD here in west Wales.
  • I have a business account and use them for 90% of Domestic Next Day services.   I did note a refusal to accept an order on 1 postcode.   Apart from that everything I have sent has both been uplifted and delivered the next day.
    For those with problems I have access to all the local Hub phone numbers  ;)
    What i would say is the DPD alert system is by far the best of the domestic couriers.
    I do not touch them for International as they often charge recipients Import VAT in the wrong country (Depending on where their official Hubs are) !!   Ie they collect the Import Vat in a hub in the Netherlands for Swedish deliveries.  Said Swedish customers cannot reclaim VAT from another EU country.  Madness.
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