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Do not sign up with Shell Energy Broadband.

I am absolutely appauled with Shell Broadband customer service. I am on an 18 month contract with them ending Jan 2023 and so far they have overcharged me, entered me on a new 18 month contract without my consent or knowledge yet each time I raise the issue with them it doesn't get resolved. I only know about this because I enquired about the exact end date of the contract only to be told it was sometime late 2023? 3 phone calls later with a 40 min wait each time, Customer Service staff said they would escalate the query but they never get back to me; then I get an email saying the complaint is closed. I don't know where I stand now. Doen anyone have similar a experience?


  • bob_a_builderbob_a_builder Forumite
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    Too late for me - just moved to them end of Nov

    Sorry about your issue , but thanks for the heads up  - forewarned is forearmed !
  • Grandad2bGrandad2b Forumite
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    Wow! I was seriously considering them. Thanks for the warning!
  • Marvel1Marvel1 Forumite
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    Been fine for me when I was with them and left early in the year when contract ended.
  • pallymanpallyman Forumite
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    I got better speeds with shell than i do with BT ? ,but the return of the router  was another matter.
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    Shell use exactly the same ‘equipment’ as BT, after all the network and equipment is provided by Openreach regardless of the ISP , so any improvement is likely to be minimal due to the ‘quality’ of the router , and TBH , the BT hub is regarded as a decent one , or alternatively some line defect was inadvertently remedied by the change to a different ISP.

    Obviously if someone had a line capable of ( for example ) 70Mb and was purchasing the upto 80Mb package with a new provider , comparing it to the 40 Mb package they were buying from their previous ISP , it would hardly be a fair comparison ,  it’s not a surprising that they were getting faster speed, if they were paying for a higher speed package.

    Its absolute nonsense when someone claims to have got ( again ) for example 10Mb from their previous supplier, and simply changing  to a new ISP  , using the same line etc. and now get 20, 30,  40 Mb , it would be like saying someone got 30 MPG , when they filled up at one fuel station, but now get 40 MPG by filling up somewhere else ,  

  • pallymanpallyman Forumite
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    I Know they use same openreach,but with shell i got 35 to 39 with bt its 28 to 32,i check my speeds on hard wired & wi fi regularly.
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    HonestJohnHonestJohn Forumite
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    I changed to Shell late last year with no issues. Great speed too. Shell just resell Talktalk.
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  • born_againborn_again Forumite
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    Check your emails. It will tell you when you joined them. 

    MSE idea. Make sure when joining anything on a basis like this make a note in  calendar of the end date. No excuse to forget then 😍
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