Help ID old woodburner.

Can anyone help ID the brand / model of this woodburner please?

It was already installed in a recent house purchase. It's kicking out minimal heat which I think is due in part to the very small fireplace which I'm planning to expand. Would like to ID the burner to see if it's up to latest spec or if a newer model would be cleaner and more efficient. No visible ID plates on the front, side, or interior.

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    It doesn't look that old to me, but all things are relative!   I would be betting the id plate is on the back, probably just under the overhang of the top.  Can you get a mobile phone in there and take a few random snaps in the hope of finding it? 

    Looks like the hearth is deep enough to give you room to bring it forward a bit.  Is the flue connected at the back or through the top of the stove?  If it is at the back, it would be a fairly minor job to pull it forward a bit and lengthen the pipe at the back.  If it is at the top, you would probably need to convert to a back flue and blank off the top.  

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    JA005 9kw stove according to Google image search... If it's right then a cheap imported Chinese stove sold under several names by importers. But Amazon reviews are ok for a £300 stove seven years ago. 

    If you stick your phone camera behind it might there be a metal name plate?

    Does look a little crowded in there. Perhaps if you wait long enough the masonry heats up and starts radiating heat?
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    mnbvcxz said:
    Does look a little crowded in there. Perhaps if you wait long enough the masonry heats up and starts radiating heat?
    Or you could - just to see - put a fan next to the stove blowing cool air into one side of the fireplace, and see if you get warmer air coming out on the other side?
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