Massive Virgin Media Issues

For 5 years my internet with Virgin Media has been rock solid. 
Last 6 months a nightmare. Half my development had same issues. 
Frequent drop-outs, sometimes for 4 hours at a time. 
Got a new router, doesn't fix it. 
Engineer tried patching me to a new switch in the cabinet - still get dropouts. 
Made official complaint and now on 30 day watch... if service drops below min for 3 days in a row then I can exit for free, else have to pay hefty fee. 
All this means have to drive into office to work (£85 a week in fuel). 

I hear BT Hybrid Connect is good as keeps you connected even if signal drops (piggybacks onto 5G)? 
But that's £7 a month and I have no BT line - they might have to rip my floorboards up or something... 

Absolutely god awful from Virgin :(


  • Karr55
    Karr55 Posts: 40
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    Virgin are terrible - the absolute worst. 
  • I used to have this issue many years ago, its due to high utilization in your area, basically too many people using it and VM will only upgrade the hardware when its convenient to do so.  They reduced my bill for 7 months then fixed the problem.

    I have been with them since 2005 during the dark days of internet when switching from BT was hit n miss and i was left in no mans land between 2 ISPs druring a switch, luckily i had a NTL line in teh house and told them to liven it up, teh only speed available at the that time was 2mbps.

    Over the years i stayed with them as teh cost inc a unlimited landline was between £30 to £42.

    I live in London but inly ADSL was available from BT and others so ive stuck with VM cable, however over past 2 months we have had new fibre laid with BT, Hyperoptic and Community Fibre now available, when my contract ends, bye bye VM cos their prices n speeds cant match Community Fibre.
  • MikeJXE
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    But that's £7 a month and I have no BT line - they might have to rip my floorboards up or something...

    I don't think they have to rip the floorboards up they just cut or splice into virgins line at the point of entry 
  • littleboo
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    A new provider won't cut into Virgins line because that is Virgins property. There is also a good chance that the Virgin service is not full fibre and is using co-ax into the property 
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