Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

Ding! Ding! All change, please...

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    G'Morning all - my word HOW cold? I as only cycling for under 10 minutes this morning, was wearing my winter gloves, and my fingers were still almost too cold by the time I reached the office to use the door key! 

    Beanie - our spare room is the laundry room as well as being MrEH's office and a general storage facility! :lol: 

    We did our usual Wednesday night burst of voluntary role stuff last night. At the moment it's looking surprisingly quiet on that front, which is not unwelcome. The deadline for the phase we're currently in is 31st December - after that we take the information that has come in to that point and direct it out to others around the UK for comment and feedback which will be until roughly the end of Feb - and during that time we will also need to be focusing on our own area of the country - or "areas" as we appear to have inherited a bit that nobody else currently wants - and getting some brewery/beer lists together for those counties. We will probably also need to at least for a while increase the time we spend on it slightly during that phase too. We're trying to be very structured on it this time as for various reasons we have set ourselves some quite tight timelines further on in the process. 

    Having finished a little earlier than expected we also did a little attack on the spare room tidying - and made a pretty decent impact in a relatively short space of time. I'm planning to take some time tomorrow to get some of the filing pile sorted - and probably also do some shredding too as we seem to have a full bag waiting for attention again. Reckon it might need some structure there though as our little shredder does tend to overheat - so I'll use a timer and do 8 minutes at a time and hopefully that will get through it. I'll have to balance doing anything in there tomorrow with disturbing MrEH though.

    Didn't make it to the gym last night either - I know, we're all surprised, right?! It got to mid afternoon and I decided it was way too cold -  it's 10 - 12 minutes cycling there, then 20 - 25 minutes cycling back to the car afterwards, and I figured I was going to be freezing by the time I got there, and freezing again by the time I got back to the car, and that just doesn't sound like much fun to me...and as I go to the gym for fun...! I'll go tomorrow from home, then I think  next week I'm going to try a slightly different approach of using the one nearer to home than to work, on a night when I'd otherwise be leaving straight from the office to go home. I'll see how that works. I'm not even pretending that I'm going to go this evening - it's just not going to happen right now!

    Banking checked and all looking OK. I need to work out at what point to transfer the money over for the FD regular saver transfer - or I simply bite the bullet, do it sooner rather than later and accept a bit of a loss of interest over the couple of weeks that it's early. From February I can probably set up an automated transfer from the joint account to my FD account to cover it, but I don't want to do that yet as we want to focus the surplus on the 0% card. 

    MSE stuff: Cancelled a magazine subscription yesterday but I'm waiting to hear back from them to confirm. The cost was about to increase from £8 a quarter to £10 a quarter, and I frequently don't get time to read the magazines when they arrive now. I think it's one I can read on the library app if I decide I'm interested again in the future anyway. Not a big saving but definitely money that's better in my bank account than theirs! 
    I got a fairly quick Prolific survey this morning - I've been slack on surveys this week as there has been other stuff going on, so need to refocus there. 
    Realised last night that we might be able to make a small electricity saving by way of MrEH manually turning the hot water on when he gets up - as long as he remembers to do it then several days a week that's 40 minutes of heating on the cheap rate which judging by the temperature of it this morning should be enough. We will need to work out how it balances with the days it doesn't get as much time though, and with the weekend days as it might be that it just then takes more energy to heat it from colder and cancels out the savings. 2kWh less used last night than the night before anyway. 

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    BRRRR it's cold here as well.  I tried to go to a local Pilates but hung round outside and nobody turned up.  Left a message but haven't heard back.  I really like to hibernate this time of year, so the thought of going to the gym at night fills me with dread.
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    Cold here.
    We have snow.
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    Ooh how exciting! Keeping everything crossed for you.
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    😀😀😀😀😀😀 So excited for you both, can hear how excited you are just through your writing 😂😂 Definitely worth spending that bit of extra time. Do keep us posted!
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    Very exciting news.  Your plans for your current home sound sensible and proportionate.  
    Good luck to Mr EH when he's doing the offer.

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