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Right – so it feels like new diary time all over again. Many of you will recall I’ve been here a while – initially legitimately as we were clearing debt (a loan, and getting shot of a nasty habit of ending up in overdraft most months) then I veered to MFW for a bit as we were clearing the mortgage, but I never quite felt I fitted there as we were daring to do “other things” like saving, and having fun as well as making mortgage OPs – and back then the MFW’ers were a bit militant about stuff like that… :lol:  So I sneaked back in here again on the basis that “the mortgage is a debt, so that’s OK”…and I’ve been here ever since and through several more diaries. We’ve learned to budget, learned to use things like cashback credit cards to our advantage,

The mortgage was kicked into touch in 2016 (12 years early!), and looking back on the opening post of my last diary which was started not long after we made the final payment, I see I listed my targets as Staying debt free, building a savings pot, refurbing our home, and having fun. And it feels like we’ve made a fair impact on that lot in the past 6 years! The bathroom and the kitchen have both been basically ripped out back to brickwork and concrete and fully redone – a fair bit of trauma involved in both but we love the results! And more recently the hallway has been replastered, redecorated and refloored – and we’re just dealing with the final touches now.  The bigger plan has been the same since we first arrived here – indeed, the driving force behind the whole thing, if you like – to buy a house in the beautiful Western Isles, and to move up there, full time. The plan is still the same – however, we have after a fair bit of discussion reached the conclusion that right now, the timescale for it needs to change.

I am an only child, and sadly my Dad died in May this year. Not unexpected, but happened very fast at the end so in some ways still a shock and a lot to deal with. That leaves my Mum – who while in extremely good health and still very active, is regardless in her late 70’s, and I’m not willing to put myself 600+ miles and potentially 36 hours of travel away from her. She has no other close family – thee is Dad’s two sisters, and a cousin of her own – all of whom she sees now and then but they aren’t on hand for the day to day stuff, which means I want to make sure that I am. In addition, things have changed rather in the Hebrides in relation to buy-to-let properties and specifically holiday lets which was our original plan to purchase in the first instance – and that might well mean that in fact now the property we look to buy up there when the time is right needs to be our long term home, NOT one to let out.

So – what is this new timescale, you might ask – well honestly – we don’t know, and in the circumstances I’m grateful to be in that position as the alternative would be knowing how long I would still have my rather wonderful Mum in my life for, and I’m in no hurry to get any dates on THAT one! MrEH and I have decided that right now we will plan things out for the next 5 years – on the basis that whatever happens, we’ll be going nowhere in that time.  There is still going to be a plan – but it will be about savings, budgeting for things like replacement cars when needed, and about making some proper pension provisions, and about dealing with the rest of the refurb work needed on the flat…

Second post will follow with some plans then. When I work out exactly what those plans might be…

🎉 MORTGAGE FREE (First time!) 30/09/2016 🎉 And now we go again…New mortgage taken 01/09/23 🏡
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    Happy new diary! Sounds like a sensible plan for you for now, and good to be able to plot and scheme for the next five years at this point 😊 Looking forward to seeing more plans emerge!
  • Sunshine_girl2
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    Your plans sound very good , will be following. 
    Just read your todays posts and have now opened my first direct saver , so thanks for the reminder . 
    Debt free April 26th 2021

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