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Do I need a TV Licence to do this...

The only live TV I watch is news programmes like Sky and GB News, I never watch the BBC. But according to the rules I still need a licence.

But then I thought of a possible workaround...

If I watch these channels over the internet, so not through an aerial, I still need a licence because it's live TV. However when you watch these channels on the internet they allow you to rewind them. So if I watch one of these channels but rewind it 10 minutes I am no longer watching live TV!

In your opinions, do I then still need a licence?



  • km1500
    km1500 Posts: 2,439 Forumite
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    yes you do

    The equivalent is to watch TV but press pause for 10 mins and then start watching.
  • flashg67
    flashg67 Posts: 4,027 Forumite
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    Yes you do - it's still a live broadcast - you choosing to pause it doesn't change that.
  • MikeJXE
    MikeJXE Posts: 3,149 Forumite
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    I don't watch tv either nor do I do your work around, as the others say it's still live. I read the news which means I get to know what I want to know, also much of the interesting stuff is on YouTube anyway.
  • Cornucopia
    Cornucopia Posts: 16,208 Forumite
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    I agree - this is not a workaround.  

    However, if you watch these commercial news channels on catch-up (more likely to be GB News than Sky, IME) then you do not need a Licence.
  • Swipe
    Swipe Posts: 5,177 Forumite
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    edited 24 November 2022 at 1:48PM
    You can listen to GB news and TalkTV on the radio. I'm sure if you searched hard enough you could find an audio only stream of sky news too. 
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