EE Auto Compensation Capped at 60 Days - FFTP Install Issues


A few months ago we signed up for EE FFTP as it became available to the property we rent.  After a big (understatement of the year) palava and delays due to Wayleaves it got installed 87 days after it should have.  The issue wasn't with obtaining wayleaves, that got agreed with our housing association within 2 weeks - It was solely due to BT Openreach not sending the request to our HA!  I mean, I'm not sure how someone can sign something they don't receive.  The issue ended up getting escalated to execs at BT Openreach, EE & our HA.

We have been in discussion with EE about compensation for this, largely due to the fact majority of the chasing and moving things along was done by my husband not the companies.  They have advised that they are unable to authorise compensation above the 60 day cap.  I wondered if there is any grounds to go to the Ombudsman Service, as this leaves us 27 days uncompensated. 

Is it worth the bother? Are we likely to be David fighting Goliath? Has anyone been successful?


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