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    i know someone who makes home made fire lighters using grated tea lights and oil in toilet roll insides with shredded paper and sawdust but mostly for camping. not sure if they save money as you have to pay for the wax but less chemicals.   

    i've also seen the things that you buy to make almost bricks from junk mail and things but i always wondered about the amount of ash they produce. have you noticed a difference in the amount or type of ash in your stove pan? i'm also thinking that junk mail is quite plastic coated so i'm not sure if that would have the same problems as burning treated wood re fumes and gunking up the flu if its more than the odd bit?
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    My parents had one of these (or something like it) 40 years ago:
    I remember it being a lot of work for relatively poor returns, particularly considering we had 5+ acres of badly-neglected woodland at the foot of our garden and permission from the landowner to harvest it for firewood.
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    I have a log maker similar to then one @QrizB linked to above.  I have to say I haven't been very good about making 'logs' with it as it is time consuming, messy and gives me cold hands! I have an open fire and they burn okay, but nothing like a real log.  When I make them I rip up old newspapers, leaflets, cardboard etc and soak it, then leave the bricks to dry for months.  In the past I have also added some food scraps that dry well - like peelings and tea/coffee.  I don't have a compost pile so waste not/want not.  If you do this though then you can't leave the mix soaking for long as, for obvious reasons, things will start to rot/smell/become really icky.
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    i had one of those log presses (as above) they are a lot of work
    I was lucky i had shredded paper from work (that saved a lot of work) soaking and pressing not hard, but i presser in a babys baths as a lot of water and muck comes out
    then dried them in the greenhouse
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