Shell Energy Broadband.

I recently signed up to Shell Energy broadband, they sent the router which was delivered to my address and left on the doorstep. Unfortunately the router was stolen before I came home. Now Shell want to charge me for non return of router and then they'll send me another, they told me to ask Royal Mail to refund me for their charge for their "Inconvenient delivery" I'm not sure how to do this and I'm thinking a £35 charge for something that is out of my control is a bit harsh. Any tips would be appreciated. 


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    ...delivered to my address and left on the doorstep.
    That's called "Doorstepping" and they are not supposed to do it, so ask them for the £35 charge.

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    You will be lucky to get a decent answer out of them. 
    Because of the great deal on here, I decided to move from Virgin to Shell. 
    The router never turned up. Then the engineer didn't turn up. 
    So they emailed me a week after they didn't turn up to say very sorry. 
    Gave me another date. I still hadn't had a new router despite promises. 
    Tried numerous times to contact them and got cut off after 40 mins+ so many times. 
    Virgin offered me a great deal (£13/month) so I decided to stay with them as their customer service is brilliant compared with Shell. 
    Shell still haven't contacted me. They say the best way to contact them is via their online chat but this has never been available once in the past 2 weeks when I was trying to cancel them. 
    Eventually got speaking to a human who said it was too late to cancel Shell and that the engineer was going to turn up (to fit the non existent equipment) and that I would get charged £65 if I wasn't there (this is 3rd day wfh). Did the engineer turn up? Nope. 

    TLDR: Shell Energy CS is by far the worst I have ever had to deal with. Run a mile if you can. 
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