Adaptor to get signal from satellite dish?

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I've just moved into a new flat, and there's a satellite dish so presumably the previous owners had Sky. I'm not interested in Sky, I'm happy with the Freeview channels. However, when I set up my TV and plugged the aerial cable into the wall I found that the signal is awful. The aerial is in the loft and I tried moving it around, but at best I get intermittent signal. 

Is there a way I can use the Sky dish to get a Freeview/Freesat signal on my TV? There are coax to satellite adaptors on Amazon, if I get one of those would that work? I know I could buy a separate Freesat box, but I'd prefer the adaptor option if it would work. 

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    Unless your tv has a satellite tuner (most don't - but check the manual), then adapters won't do anything - you'll need a freesat box, or somehow improve the aerial signal (a decent aerial booster may work- buy from somewhere that will take it back like Amazon/Argos in case it doesn't work)
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    Just buy a cheap as chips Sky box on eBay and use it to get the 'Freesat from Sky' channels, which are nearly identical to the Freeview line up.
    You won't get the recording functionality though.
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    If you are using a communal TV aerial then it's almost certain that you need a signal booster connected to the aerial point in your flat. The previous owners either didn't use it or took it with them when they left.

    You can get one from Screwfix to try it out. They are pretty good with returns should it not be suitable. I think mine was about £15.
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