Smoke alarms taped up in rented property

I'm absolutely... well, I don't know what I am but I'm asking for advice if there's anything I can do because I don't know if there is! 

My partner lives with his parents in a first floor, privately rented flat (in England, for the purposes of relevant law.) The flat is relatively small, and has two smoke alarms situated at either end of the hallway, which runs centrally through the flat. One is next to the open plan kitchen, and was going off regularly when cooking/toasting/etc. The other is outside the living room and two bedrooms. 

I smelt something burning earlier whilst his dad was cooking when we were in the kitchen, and said I wondered if it would set off the smoke alarm. "No chance of that," his dad said, and explained that he'd TAPED UP BOTH OF THE SMOKE ALARMS A WHILE AGO. I was literally speechless. There is not one of them who seems to find it even a little bit concerning. I should also add that my partner's parents are both in their 70s, smoke, and are prone to cooking whilst less-than-sober which was regularly setting off the alarms!

I'm just aghast at this. This is 3 people living in a tiny flat, so there's not even the buffer of a potential fire breaking out and it being contained within a room... If this happened, smoke would take over the entire place in minutes.

I'm about to have a chat with my partner, but apart from that, what can I do? I'm very close to them but his parents are very stubborn and I can see it being an uphill struggle to get them to do anything. 


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