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I will rarely vacuum ever again and save the electricity



  • Madbat60Madbat60 Forumite
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    I would rather clean the toilet than iron but saying that I do iron stuff plus I make clothes so it needs to be out for that.  We have laminate downstairs  carpet upstairs.  I hoover 2-3  times a week to get rid of the cat fluff and general detritus 
  • JackalynannJackalynann Forumite
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    Interesting answers on the thread. Just a few things to add. I never iron either. I think I own one in case of an emergency. On the subject of cat/dog hairs, I found the squeegee and lint roller more effective than a Shark vacuum. Try my method after you vacuumed and you may well be shocked. I was when my daughter showed me the method. My daughter has a robot vacuum herself and I always seem to end up spending hours rescuing it from under things. It works to a point, but seems to amuse the cat more than anything else. She has wooden floors, and is disabled, so harder for her to use the method she showed me!
  • srnsrn Forumite
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    srn said:
    I have never vacuumed since I got my Eufey robot vacuum.  It wends it's merry way around my house every day and keeps the floors spotless.  As good as a cleaner any day.
    Doesn't it take its good time and also hours to charge up?

    No, it's perfect.
  • littlemoneylittlemoney Forumite
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    My vacuum cleaner just stands around gathering dust. :D
  • roslancasterroslancaster Forumite
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    Oh well. With three cats, one a long-haired Ragdoll, I dont have a good option. Given the arthritis, a quick hoover daily is a must. My mum had a Ewbank back in the day - and I use a dustpan and brush for spills
  • weenancyinAmericaweenancyinAmerica Forumite
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    @roslancaster - have you tried a rubber broom or a long-handled squeegee instead? These seem to work really well at picking up pet hairs (I have two cats and two dogs inside). These also don't bother the pets as much as the noise of the vacuum. Good luck with the flying fur.
  • LongwalkerLongwalker Forumite
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    Im a stickler for ironing Im afraid. I like to see things ironed. And yes I do iron bedding

    However with two cats and a dog shedding like there there is no tomorrow, I rarely hoover. 

    I put on my walking boots and shuffle up and down the rooms, takes up more hair then the vacuum and gives me a good work out

    On hard floors Ive one of those microfibre flat mops 
  • freyasmumfreyasmum Forumite
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    I've genuinely considered investing in one of those little manual carpet sweepers. The benefits are two-fold; 1) no electricity, and 2) I imagine my kids are going to love using it (at least until the novelty wears off!).
  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    London_1 said:
    I still own my ironing board that I got with my green shield stamps back in the 1970s .It doesn't get used very often at fact last week when I stripped of the bed to wash the fitted sheet it was so warm in Kent it was dry by lunchtime and back on my bed that night :)

    Most tops go on hangers and I would rather find something more interesting to do rather than ironing :) I keep it and the iron only for emergencies. its a big beast of a thing a Belway it think its called and made of metal and extra wide and long so it used to be good when ironing my late OH's shirts.

    My two  DDs think it should go into a museum for 70s kitchenalia :)  .I think it will probably outlive me as its at strong today as when I got it almost 50 ears ago for free after collecting all those bleesed books of stamps :):):) 

    JackieO xx

    Now this is a blast from the past! I remember myself and my sister playing with them, must have been when they were decomissioned? I remember sheets of them being stuck together.

    @roslancaster I have recommended this Wilko rubber broom more times than I can remember! I'm not on commission - honest! - but I have 3 rubber brooms including the JML and this the best of the lot on hard floors. Lightweight and easy to use, and gives me the satisfaction of picking up dust and debris that I wouldn't otherwise notice:
    Best Rubber Broom Review 2019  The Strategist
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
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