I will rarely vacuum ever again and save the electricity

I have used a long handled squeegee on my carpets together with a dustpan and brush for ages. Recently I added a long handled lint roller I can wash between cleans to the entourage. These are better than my ever failing expensive vacuum cleaner of reputable brand. It is too heavy with a bad back anyway. I use a cheap, light Goblin hoover for any corners my eco carpet cleaning method cannot reach and have far less trouble with cat hairs etc.


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    I rarely iron nowadays, and Henry doesn't get out much either!
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    My excuse is that we've been (DIYing) building work for almost five years on our current project...I mean house, so lots of sweeping but very little hoovering done here. Our dogs don't shed hair so we're fortunate in that respect. In the completed rooms (there are one or two!) I probably vacuum once a fortnight so poor Hetty rarely gets an outing 🙄

    We threw our ironing board away when we sold our considerably larger house (that I was forever vacuuming) and bought this place - but did keep the iron...just in case. I couldn't even tell you where it was though!
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    I’d make sure it was red hot beforehand,… no one would blame if I did, he wasn’t a nice person in the end! 

    It’s a wonder they’re not advertising the old fashioned cleaning methods now with the COLC. A carpet sweeper and a spin dryer etc would take a big bite out of the electric bill.
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