British Airways compensation brick wall

Our BA flights to and from Italy in June were cancelled - the outward flight with 2 hours notice and the return flight after the scheduled departure time while we were sitting in the departure lounge. 

Obviously I submitted compensation claims immediately through the BA portal. The automated acknowledgement was followed by weekly emails reassuring me that BA would deal with this as soon as they could. After six weeks these stopped arriving. When I eventually managed to speak to BA customer service they told me that all follow up questions on the progress of claims had to be made through the same web compensation portal - a black hole from which no information can ever escape! 

This is an open and shut case of compensation being due. But there seems to be no way of contacting BA. Any suggestions of how to pursue? Can I treat this as a claim refused and go to CEDR? Is there any other body I can take this to? Is there any way of speaking to a real person at BA? 


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    Open and shut case? - it depends on the reason for cancellation.
    What did you do for your alternative flights there and back?
    You can go to CEDR. It will still take a quite a while.
    The surest way is to go to court.
    MCOL is the website you need. A definite timetable of 2-4 weeks and then BA will either payup or submit a defence.
    BUT you have to be sure your cancellations were not due to ECs eg weather and ATC etc.
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

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