swap numbers between two SIMs

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Maybe this will sound like a strange question, but here goes! I have two PAYG SIMs from two different networks A and B. What I would like to do is to swap the phone numbers between them. Is that possible? I know how to port a number from A to B, but then the A SIM would go dead (and I'd lose the credit), and I'd lose the B number. I've tried to think if it would be possible by using a third SIM (C) temporarily - porting number from B to C first, but then B would go dead and so I couldn't port A to B. Am I just hoping for too much?


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    It's impossible, for the reasons that you've recognised.
    I'm curious about the purpose...
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    As you say, you would need a 3rd sim to be able to do this. You would transfer number A to that new sim (C). Then transfer the number from B to A, finally C to B.

    You would need to consider how much you sue each number to decide which you transfer to the new sim as you would need to pay for that useage, even if it is for a few days.

    You also need to consider networks in that sim C will need to be a different network to the other two as most won't allow porting within network.
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    You probably need two extra sims to be able to transfer the numbers to make it A-C, B-D then D-A and C-B but it does seem like a lot of faffing.

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    What @matelodave said. When you PAC away from a sim then that sim is dead, so you would need new sims from your original PAYG suppliers, perhaps call them E and F? 

    So you would port A --> C --> E and B --> D --> F. 

    The sacrificial C and D sims will need activating and that will incur a cost (is Lebara 1 month contract cheapest?).

    Porting my main number which I've had for ~20 years gives me the fear. I'd need a very good reason to attempt what you want to do unless the numbers were not that important. 
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