Vodafone or Now?

Looking at moving away from BT as my contract is up in a few days and I'm paying way over the odds and they don't seem to want to come down much. It appears that Vodafone and Now Broadband offer some of the cheaper deals at the moment, so any thoughts on them please? Or reasons I should stay away from either/both?


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    Can't speak for Voda, but I've been with Now for over three years now, just basic copper BB & landline, only problems have been external, workmen digging up road & cutting Open reach cables etc, nothing to do with Now service, but I found it easy to contact them about the problem

    Very oddly worded reminders & options at contract end, with cost unchanged by doing nothing

    Apart from that, I'm a satisfied customer
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    Yes, I'm also a satisfied Now customer of 3+ years. Never had a price rise in that time. As Faraway says, the end-of-contract emails are confusing - either go out of contract and keep paying the (low) price you're currently on - or sign up for a new 12 month contract and pay quite a bit more. Going out of contract is a no-brainer because if they did throw a price rise at me I'd be able to just leave on a months notice.

    Just wish they did FTTP really - that's the only reason I'm seriously thinking of moving from them.
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    I'm the same regarding NowTV BB, my 12 month deal recently ended and they offered new 12 month contracts at £30pcm + Anytime calls or £22pcm without calls. If I did nothing I could continue on a rolling monthly contract at £22 + Anytime calls. Decisions, decisions.
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    We've had Now for about 6 months and have so far had no issues. Just disappointed they don't do FTTP as that became available a couple of months ago. No idea what their customer service is like as we've had no need.

    Potentially may go for Vodafone FTTP next year based on price .. but I know their customer service can be awful.
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