Shell broadband charging £35 for supposedly not returning router

They offered me a really good fibre deal rather than that I should leave for something cheaper... now have debited me £35 claiming I haven't returned the router. Feels like an outright scam to me (I have proof of posting). Anyone else had this?


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    Yes, it;s quite a common complaint about Shell. There are several threads. Shell's warehouse is terrible at recording returns.
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    Contact them with a scan of the proof of posting?
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    Signed for delivery is always better than proof of posting as you've got proof that it actually got delivered as well, therefore it must be sculling around in their system somewhere.

    Saved me no end of trouble with an insurance claim where they denied receiving some original documents and again when BT tried hassling me over a router which they claimed I'd not sent back. Anything I post that has value (whether its documents or items) gets sent "signed for"
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