Large Amount of Scam Texts Since Joining O2

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I've been with O2 for just two days and today have already received three spam texts.
They have a lot of warnings about it, more so than any other operator I have been with and a friend got scammed as they were porting their old number over (someone called, confirmed their house number and name, then asked for a code they sent by text - mistake was there but as the person knew my friends details, seemed half legit).

Only had these problems with O2.

The cynic in me thinks their overseas operation base - someone is taking data away and selling it to scammers.  Seemes to make sense.

Left Smarty - no scam texts at all. Ever, in over 12 months.
Don't assume - just answer the question as best you can with the information you have.


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    Most spam messages are automated and done at random. 
    Different providers are better at filtering it out than others.  Also make use of the features of the operating system in Android or iOS where available.
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