Threatened with repossession proceedings

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So, we have just short of 3 months arrears with Nemo and they seem determined to make life difficult. They have contacted me about the arrears which were just over 3 months and I offered to pay an extra £30 per month. They have sent a letter refusing the offer saying they need a budget planner first and if I don't get this to them in 7 days they will start court proceedings. I immediately paid a lump sum to take the arrears under 3 months as understand that is the figure before proceedings can begin. I have had a look at the budget planner which basically indicates that all the money I'm presently paying to pay off unsecured debts plus mobile costs and loads of other things will go towards 'disposable' income and they may demand I pay this to them rather than my other debts. I'm trying to get my head around things but wondered if anyone can help me.
Am I right in thinking we have to be more than 3 months in arrears? 
If my Dad can lend me money to pay off the arrears, would it stop it all going ahead? 
We really are doing our best but we have loads of other things we are juggling aswell. My mother in law is terminally ill and we are travelling loads to see her which has pushed our travel costs up. My husband is struggling terribly with mental health concerns and couldn't deal with this on top. Then of course energy costs, cost of living etc. Can anybody advise? We both work full time but don't earn much and haven't had a raise in forever despite requests. 


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    Default on the unsecured before missing mortgage payments. 
    Head to the dealing with debt board for more targeted advice/budget help. 
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    Head over here for some help in a non-judgemental environment...
    You will need to reassess your priorities, paying off unsecured debt while letting your secured debt build up to the point where they are threatening repossession is not the way to go...
    ... and yes, if you can borrow from your father to clear the secured arrears that could give you enough space to get things sorted out, but don't just do that and let it build up again, get the help you need to get back in control...

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    I'm really sorry to hear of the situation with your mother in law and your husband and now financial worries on the top of everything else. It really does seem to be the case that all the bad things happen at once. And I know that it's difficult to think straight in such circumstances, too.

    BUT I would really advise you to contact one of the free debt help agencies. Never pay for help with debt. Even if you don't take any advice, sometimes it's really good to be able to talk to someone who is understanding and friendly about your finances without being judged or feeling that you've done things wrong. That's how I felt when I was at the end of my tether and saw an ad on TV about debt help and contacted StepChange.

    It's been a while now since I contacted them but they helped me so much. And if they negotiate with organisations on your behalf, those organisations are more likely to listen. Again, in my experience but it's worth a try and it's a free phone call.

    StepChange info -'s also National Debtline and Citizens Advice. Links below -

    I always mention StepChange first because they really did help me to turn my life around and I'm not in debt now. I'm not saying it was quick or easy but with their help I made it. You can too. If you phone, they will advise you of the best way forward for your situation. You're under no obligation to accept their advice but (again in my own experience) they do know what they're talking about.

    I hope things start to look up for you very soon.  
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    You should really be prioritising secured debts over your mobile phone bill. 

    Speak to step change. They are a charity, not geared by sales, let them help you, it will hopefully take a big weight off your shoulders. 
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    Hi, if you are in a financial pickle and have secured debt, stop paying unsecured debt now. Although I understand that at least one of you needs a good phone contract.

    You need some slack to get over the next few months, but your absolute priority is paying off the mortgage arrears ASAP.

    Then build an emergency fund once the mortgage arrears are paid.

    The other advantage is that in 6 months or so your mortgage will be back on track and your unsecured debt will have defaulted. In terms of your future finance, defaults are better than Arrangement to Pay markers.

    And do give Stepchange or Nationaldebtline a call, using the links above as there are some fakename imposters out there.

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    I would agree with what the others are saying, stop paying your non-priority debts, and concentrate on clearing your mortgage arrears.

    Worst that can happen if you don`t pay your credit card is a CCJ, worst that can happen if you don`t pay your mortgage is you can lose your house, doesn't take much thinking about really.

    Inform your non-priority creditors of your situation, by writing to them, they will put your accounts on hold for the foreseeable.

    Just to clarify what "court proceedings" actually entails, see here -

    Repossession: Before it goes to court - GOV.UK (
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    Absolutely echoing what others have said about priorities here - mortgage is top of the pile, basically.

    Put together your SOA (Statement of Affairs) and then post it in here and let's see what we can do in terms of any savings that you may have missed so far, and a best course of action on sorting out your debts - but in the short term definitely stop paying as much unsecured debt as you need to enable you to meet your mortgage payments. 
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    OP, can  you confirm that this is a secured loan and that you also have a mortgage?

    What interest rate are Nemo charging you?
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