Saved a fortune with hanging on and three calls to Virgin

Hello - I have been with Virgin Media with Broadband (v fast to work with video edits) TV and phone and was paying £72 a month. I wanted to reduce the cost. Suddenly I get an email saying costs had gone up to £104 a month. I called and my contract was about to end (the next day - 14th Sept). I explained my position and then the call handler tried to upsell offering me Disney + Netflix+ all the bells and whistles. I explained again what I wanted. I was not happy and after he talked over me for ten minutes I realised I needed to say I would leave. After 40 mins of upsell, he then put me through to the retention team. They then dropped my price to £57 a month ( so a saving from £104  of £47 a month = £564 a year)  I asked about the cooling off period and accepted. However that evening I spoke to a neighbour who had the same package for £33 a month. I called again and spoke to one person who said I had just agreed a package and wouldn't budge, despite the cooling off. I then called again and spoke to someone totally different who took an age, accepted I have been with them over 10 years and it was not fair that new customers were offered that deal and then matched the price. So £104 a month  to £33.  Tips - be polite, measured, have your facts and be persistent.  Remember the cooling off period. But I fear for those that accept what is said. So I have saved myself £852 a year. Do it.
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