Windows don't open maximised, & mouse cursor dont stay hidden while typing. tried everything..ggrrr

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 All your experienced people out there.

need some help please ?  I have windows 10. I mostly work with several windows open all at once as you might see in the image attached. I shut down my PC with all the windows maximized, but, In the morning when i start my computer, the windows (which i had left maximized are shortened as in the pict). On clicking on any window, what opens up is a small cut short window & is in the half way or left or on the right on the screen. 

is there a way (on starting my PC) by which they can stay minimized or all maximized & pressing the buttons (when they are minimized) they should open maximized rather than be a small screen anywhere on the main screen ???  . i mean after i start my computer, then i have to manually maximize all the 12-15 minimized windows. I know "WIN KEY + M "  will minimize all the windows and it works but what's the opposite of that ? to maximize all the minimized windows at once ??? i have tried all the shortcuts on the pc keyboard but nothing ever works.

same with my mouse cursor. I have put the settings to disappear the cursor while typing, it nahhhhh, even that dont work. it still shows and i have to hand move the cursor.

Please advise ?
Kind Regards




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