New ISP-Full Fibre-any recommendations ?

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Going through a total fiasco with Talktalk at the moment so more than likely will be looking for a new ISP for full fibre through the Ont on wall provided by Openreach. I have already got this with Talktalk but due to their terrible customer service and total mix up, one department not knowing what another department is doing, after nine years with them its probably time to call it a day.

After signing up for a new contract with them at the end of July I have now been told by one department that my order is cancelled, while another says it is not. So many wasted hours on phone and still no resolution.

Looking for 150mbits download package such as Full Fibre 145 provided by Plusnet  current online price £30.99 data only option.

Any recommendations appreciated and advice as regards getting the best possible deal.

Many Thanks.


  • A&A are excellent, but since "you only get what you pay for" is as true for ISPs as other things, you might not like the price.
    Zen are good, and less costly, but not like the bargain bucket providers you have mentioned dealing with already.
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    Thanks for reply, yep price is a consideration, I have tried the Broiadband Tool on here some deals work out around £26-27 taking the value of a gift card into consideration.

    Other considerations for me would be Engineer call out charges (if its my equipment fault) and Uk call centres.

    I think Plusnet have no engineer charges and do have UK call centres, still I know nothing about them and how much effort they put into solving problems.
  • I've just moved to Jurassic Fibre. Special introductory offer 150 Mb/sec at £17.50 for 24 months.  Experience so far is excellent. They only operate in the South West but if they install their fibre near you it might be worthwhile taking a look. 
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    Plusnet are a BT owned company and have been around for many years. They usually sit in the top 3rd of the customer satisfaction surveys, whereas TalkTalk usually sit at the bottom.

    They are worth considering if you can get the right price. There are some more niche suppliers like Zen who have excellent customer service but you do pay for it.

    There are lots of small providers popping up who appear to be good, but the risk is how they do if they try to scale up too fast. No clear answer really as it will depend on your priorities and your own ability to trouble shoot around issues.
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    Some of the existing problem with Talktalk at moment probably stem from that the fact that I signed up to a 110mbits trial for full fibre with them in Feb 2020, while they still kept my old  fibre FTTC package, in case I wanted to stick with it at a later date. I am getting a steady 106 mbits download with the trial FTTP.

    After the trial ended the FTTP still worked, so I still used that. 

    Fast forward to July of this year and I ordered their Future Fibre 150 with digital voice. 

    The digital Voice doesn't work. Also I would have expected a bit of increase in speed considering the new package is a 150 mbits download though to be honest its a good speed the 106 average download.

    I have the feeling that somehow a setting pertaining to the trial is affecting the upgrade, and Talktalk it seems are unable to sort it out. An Openreach engineer was out, says the ONT is a solid build and says it is something to do with Talktalk.

    As regards billing my old FTTC package is still showing on my account and about to go out of contract which will lead to overcharging and Talktalk seem to have a lot of difficulty in adding the new package to my account.

    I have spent lots of time on old copper landline with Billing to get my account sorted, and Tech support (who keep trying the same things to get VOIP working ) and it does get to you after so much trying.

    Lately I have been told that my new FF150 package is actually cancelled and loyalty tried to sell me a new FTTC package, only to be told later by the Future Fibre team that the new package has not been cancelled.

    Some Reps of Talktalk do really try to help, while others just drop the telephone which is annoying.

    As I have now been told that my new package is active and I am in contract, probably I will just have to stick it out for a while to see how it goes, and if new package is not added to account, I will probably have to ring up every month to get any overcharges refunded.

    On the positive side I do have good internet access with a good download speed and old landline does work through the master socket.

    In the past I have got some good deals and reliability with Talktalk, but when problems arise I find it can be very difficult to get sorted out.

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