EE 24 month contract ended can they charge extra 30 days?

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I think I’m a bit old school here…..if I take out a contract for 24 months, then I’m agreeing to their terms for 24 months only, after that time I’m no longer obligated to them as the contract we originally agreed to, has ended - but with phone companies a 24 month contract appears to mean 25 months?!?

I expected to be free to do whatever I wanted after the 24 months as I’ve fulfilled my obligations and made the 24 payments.  4 days before the end of my EE contract I’m told I need to give 30 days notice to cancel (I’m not cancelling, I’m just not renewing as I’m on a new deal elsewhere) - how is that right?  Already agreed a new contract with ‘Three’ and given them the PAC code.  Is it legally correct that EE can charge the extra 30 days as they say we agreed to that in the original contract?  

In my eyes, if I was cancelling it early, I would certainly give 30 days notice, but if I’m just not renewing once I’ve fulfilled my 24 month obligation surely I don’t owe them an extra month - phone companies will get a month bonus from everyone, for providing no service with this handy little clause.  I’m told ‘this is standard practice for all phone companies’ - it doesn’t make it right though, surely?


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    You took out a contract with a minimum term of 24 months. Unless you contact the provider, the contract will continue on a month by month basis. To end the contract at 24 months you needed to give one months notice at the 23 month point.

    Whilst this might seem unfair to you, the provider will argue that they couldn't possibly know that you wished to stop using your phone after 24 months and cut you off.

    Unfortunately, if you read the fine print you will find the onus is on you to take the initiative to cancel.

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    All mobile companies continue to supply service once the minimum period (not contract) has expired. The alternative would be to stop service and you would loose your mobile number. It will be on the same contractual terms unless they tell you otherwise.

    You can give one month's notice (to cease service) OR give the PAC to a new supplier. EE bill one month in advance, once the service has been transferred EE will reimburse you for the part month you haven't used (don't cancel any DD to let this happen). 
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