Billed twice in 4 months?

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Good afternoon,

I recently had a problem with water, without it for days. Due to this I was due compensation. When my neighbours received their compensation and I hadn’t, I queried it with United Utilities.

I was told it was because I was in arrears. I didn’t think I was. Granted, a few years ago I was on a payment matching scheme, and received a letter saying this had ended as the arrears had been paid (to the best of my recollection), so couldn’t understand why. I now pay via direct debit and have done for some time.

They simply said it was correct.

I asked for a statement and the last time they matched a payment was September 2020, by April the account was in credit by circa £1.

I continued to pay by direct debit and received a bill in October 2021. In January 22 I received another bill for the same amount -20p.

I’ve asked again and they’ve failed to give any sort of coherent response other than they’ve checked and it’s correct, but I don’t understand. Firstly, how I’m in arrears if I’ve paid continuously via direct debit and secondly why I was billed twice in 4 months?

Any advice or clarity even would be helpful,



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