Money Moral Dilemma: A building firm hasn't invoiced me for shoddy work - should I chase it up?

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I had a bathroom fitted and the standard was shocking - there were many issues including a leaking shower and the wrong sink being fitted. After reluctantly getting the company to return to put things right, I put the house up for sale. I sold it a couple of months ago, but have yet to receive an invoice. All communication was by text and I haven't changed my number. Should I pursue the company, or assume it's written off payment knowing I'd dispute the bill?

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  • jonnydeppiwish!jonnydeppiwish! Forumite
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    Yes, you owe them them the money. There were (lots of) mistake but they’ve now been corrected.  Whether they should invoice you for the whole bill is  another matter…
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  • Ed264Ed264 Forumite
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    You've described the standard of work as shocking with many issues. I wouldn't pursue them at all.
  • messiahontrialmessiahontrial Forumite
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    You sold a house with a dodgy bathroom ?

    I hope that the new owners pursue you.
  • GosportmumGosportmum Forumite
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    Their admin seems as shoddy as their workmanship. I wouldn't chase them, but put the money to one side( higher interest account) for a good while incase they do invoice you. And don't use this company again 
  • colinslynecolinslyne Forumite
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    Technically you are committing theft if you don’t pay, even for shoddy work. However, if they have written it off, that is another matter, but you need to contact them and ask. 
  • gothvixengothvixen Forumite
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    They returned and fixed the problems so you owe them. I would contact them.
  • allisonholmesallisonholmes Forumite
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    It's up to them to invoice you. It's not up to you to push them to bill you. If they never do then that's not your responsibility. My builders took 2 years to send me a final bill. I paid it once I receive it but I certainly didn't chase them up for them to come and get their money!
  • Electro_MagnetElectro_Magnet Forumite
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    It's up to the contractor to pursue payment. If it were me, I wouldn't be chasing someone just so I can pay them, especially if the work was poor. It's not like you're actively avoiding them. Didn't the contractor ask for a deposit before starting the works? You might cause yourself more trouble by trying to pay them - I would just leave it be.
  • RobSaunders1973RobSaunders1973 Forumite
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    Did you raise the faults in written communications ? Did they effectively return to remedy defects and snags ? If so , it would be logical a contractor would be required to remedy defects in the defect period , whether or not you have a contract, works at completion should be fit for purpose and not without fault
  • mark_cycling00mark_cycling00 Forumite
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    I doubt they would "write off" the cost of the fittings, labour maybe but unlikely.
    There may be a stressed, slightly disorganised owner of this company but also this person probably has a family who will suffer if this work is not paid for. You don't have any disagreements with the installers wife or children. (or husband if the installer was a woman)

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