Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

HP Printers now Block Compatible Cartridges since firmware update this month. (WORKAROUND!)

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    GDB2222 said:
    Incidentally, when I set up my own firm in the 1980s, laser printers cost £2000, and my first inkjet printer was £800. Despite 40 years of inflation, printers are a fraction of the price. I expect that they are being sold at, or below, the cost of manufacturing them, with the hope of making some money from selling the ink cartridges. 
    That's exactly what they do - the Gillette business model.
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    My inkjet printer stopped working this week with a message saying that cartridge had a non HP chip in it. My printer now appears as a 'Smart printer' when you go to print which is new. This is not a warning but a withdrawal of service. I don't see how this is legal from a monopolies point of view, and apparently printer companies have repeatedly lost legal challenges to try to block compatibles. There is a workaround which my cartridge supplier Smart Ink helpfully gave me.

    ( I'm not allowed to post the link as  a new user, but try searching Reddit for DaveJhonson20, or ask Smart Ink on Chat)

    It basically downgrades the firmware, and also tells you to disable future updates. Worked for me, thank goodness.

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