TUI - claim accepted but delay in paying out

Our flight from Verona to Newcastle was delayed and ended being 3hr 19min late. I claimed for 2 passengers using the TUI website and had a reply confirming the claim was valid and bank link email would follow within 72 hours. It didn't so I contacted TUI customer services who advised that the bank link email had been sent to the wrong email address ( a "-" instead of a "_" had been used) and that I should claim again which I did. I then had a response  to the claim saying "our records show you have already been paid". Phoned them back and advised I should claim again. I did with the same result. Called into local TUI shop who advised that my (independant) travel agent had entered my email address incorrectly (I didn't give them my email address and they haven't passed it to TUI)

I called my Travel Agent who contacted TUI on my behalf and discovered that my claim had been passed to some sort of manual process and that I should be paid within 28 days  of the email confirmation that I was entitled to the payment. What an absolute parcel this system is and nobody in TUI seems to understand how their system works.  I am not confident that I will receive anything by Saturday (28th day)

Is this situation representative of the TUI claim system or have I just been unlucky? Is there any legal requirement for payment to be made within a timescale?


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    I think you have been unlucky
    My flight was delayed by 16 hours on 30th June
    Claim made 4th July
    TUI responded 6th July and also sent the bank link email
    Compensation received on 14th July £350
    Voucher off next flight or holiday £150 received 22nd July

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