TUI flight cancelled


My recent Tui flight from Corfu to Aberdeen was due to depart 22:15 on Friday 22nd July. The flight was initially delayed to 23:00 and then 01:00. We were asked to go to gate at 12:30am. We got as far as boarding the plane when we were informed the cabin crew and pilot cannot fly to Aberdeen now as it would take them over their legal hours. 

We have been informed by Tui we are not due any compensation for the delay other than a one off payment of £408. 

The treatment and communication from Tui was awful. Also we were not provided any water until 4:30 am and food was not provided until 07:30. We eventually departed Corfu at 16:00 on 23rd July. We did not see a Tui rep after 5:00 on 23rd. We were basically abandonded. 

I have complained to Tui but seems little they are willing to provide other than the one of payment. They say we are not due compensation for the flight delay. 

I am extremely disappointed with Tui

I kept a timeline of events and can provide if this helps

I feel really frustrated and dont know where to go for help



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