Warning about Mobile Phones Direct - Enhanced Trade In Offer

Hi all - just sharing the experience I've had with Mobile Phones Direct on a recent purchase (Samsung Galaxy 22). I was mis-sold on two fronts - in particular the 'Enhanced Trade In offer' which is a common 'offer' they have, as well as experiencing rubbish customer service. I found their website through the MSE phone comparison page so sharing here so that others don't fall for the same tricks!


I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 22 from Mobile Phones Direct and was mis-sold on two fronts. Firstly, there was an offer for an 'Enhanced Trade In' which was not uphold and secondly I did not receive a single billing month at the advertised rate before the price was increased. I strongly recommend against shopping from Mobile Phones Direct. I had found them through Money Saving Expert and thought they were trustworthy but they refused to honour their own deals / prices, and then had abysmal customer service that saw me speak to five people who could only offer 'computer says no' answers. Please save yourself the stress for any small apparent price saving / offer (which may not be real...) and DO NOT SHOP HERE.

Enhanced Trade In - The terms on the website for 'Enhanced Trade Ins' very clearly stated that there would be an additional £100 further to the regular trade-in value for phones purchased through MPD. This is an offer still being suggested for other phones MPD is selling. However, I was only awarded the 'trade in value' of £200 for my phone and not any more as MPD had clearly promised on their website. MPD's reaction - after five calls of trying to avoid my questions - was to suggest that it was Samsung's fault. That's shirking responsibility as I purchased a phone from MPD directly, not from Samsung. I reviewed the terms and conditions that MPD provided - and there was nothing to suggest a £200 cap. Even on the Samsung website, the £200 cap is noted as the trade in value of the phone - there is nothing said about the '£100 above trade in' which MPD offer. Again, I purchased this item from MPD - not Samsung, and it's clear that the 'Enhanced Trade In' deal offered was a lie.

Contract Price - I was not charged the suggested monthly contract price of my phone for even one month. I understand that this is because of the inflation change but I was not at all informed that it would be taking effect before the first bill. I clearly should have been quoted the actual price of the bill - not a price that MPD was never intending to honour. Again, I was mis-sold.

Customer Service - Unlike Amazon and alike, who are keen to retain customers, I received little from MPD apart from deflection and attempts to avoid accountability for the offers laid out online. In addition, it took at least 5 phone calls to MPD - each time with a different person who seemed to have no knowledge of my complaint (and with no ability to discuss it on the phone), to receive any response. I was also not called back as promised on multiple occasions.
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