Dual SIM phone and MMS

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I've had a strange thing the other day when I wanted to send an MMS from my (rather old) dual SIM phone. SIM1 (RWG, uses EE) is the default SIM for everything, while SIM2 (Voda) is just used a standby because some peeps still use that number. So what happened is that I erroneously tried to send an MMS via SIM2. This immediately broke my 4G data connection with SIM1 (which appears to be normal practice for that sort of situation) but the message was still not send. OK, fine... but I couldn't get back my 4G connection with SIM1. The status bar just showed a dimmed 3G and the SIM1 settings said "suspended" for data (though voice and SMS was fine). I even disabled SIM2 completely but no luck. In the end I had to reboot the phone to get it back to working.

Is this to be expected and can I get back my 4G data w/o rebooting? (I am not a technophobe but no tech wizard either :blush: )


  • flaneurs_lobster
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    Could the unsent MMS be "pending" (possibly because your Vodafone settings don't allow them (they cost extra)? Did you delete it after the send fail? 

    What phone are you using?
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    Possibly that the settings that were working for EE have been overwritten with the ones for Voda (depending on how your phone works).
    You can call EE and they'll send out their setting as an sms that will reinstall them.
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    In the settings of most dual-SIM phones you can select and change which SIM is enabled for mobile data. Doesn't yours have this facility..?
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    Thank you very much for the answers:

    @flaneurs_lobster That's a very old but still trusty Moto G4 Play. The MMS remained unsent until I deleted it.

    @eDicky Yes, I can select which SIM should do calls, SMS and data by default and I have set these options so that SIM1 does them all but my fat-fingered MMS attempt somehow selected SIM2 for that one message and presto my 4G was gone, never to come back (well, short of rebooting).

    EDIT: Just to clarify, the 4G connection with SIM1 broke the moment I tapped Send for the MMS and in the status bar the bright 4G sign was replaced by a dimmed 3G.

    It's NBD just something that I found puzzling and not at all obvious to remedy, especially as I had no data connection to google anything :sweat_smile:
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