Advice about Vodafone Amazon voucher

I recently moved home and decided to get Vodafone's broadband, which allows you to claim an Amazon voucher. I started the setup process online and put in my new postcode. This was about a week before I actually moved.

When it came to put in my card details, it said (something like) "the card registered to this address". Of course my bank card was still registered to my old address at that point, but there was no option I could see online to enter a different billing address. I searched all the options I could find. It wasn't there.

So I called them up for advice and the very helpful lady said she could do it all for me over the phone. So that all went ahead. My broadband is installed and I'm happy with it.

But I called them up again to enquire about the voucher. I know you have to wait several months, but there was nothing about it in any of the emails from Vodafone and I wanted to check the procedure. But I was told that because I had signed up over the phone, rather than online, I don't qualify. 

I explained that I had tried to sign up online and the only reason I couldn't proceed was because their website has a flaw. It doesn't allow you to select a billing address, separate to a service address. That's their fault, not mine. But they're not having it. The voucher is for online signups only.

Any idea what I should do?  
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