When you change Broadband providers is there any interuptions

I finish my contract with Virgin on 11th july, I currently pay £33.99 a month and looking at reducing my bills,  I dont  do any gaming etc so I take it I go on the comparison site and opt for a contract at £20 a month,  go through the comparision site and the company I choose does the rest ?


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    If you're going from Virgin to a phone lined based provider you'll technically have two broadband services for a short period of time, as it's a different network.

    So you'd have to sign up with somebody, have a phone line installed/reactivated as the case may be, and also phone Virgin to give 30 days notice to cancel (if you were going from one phone provider to another you just fill a form in and they do all the work but that doesn't apply going to/from Virgin).  It will probably take less than 30 days to get the phone line broadband set up so you'll technically have two internet connection for a short period of time.

    However from next year that will all change (in theory) and it'll be like phone line switching, to include Virgin:

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    Is your home phone number important to you ?? Can be a problem porting the number from Virgin to Openreach based services.
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