Lost Baggage without ID Tag

Dear All,
Thanks in advance for being here to help with queries of this nature, it is greatly appreciated.
I recently flew with Lufthansa and checked in 3 cases. 
I only received ID Tags for 2 of the cases not 3, and only realised this when I tried to report the case lost.
I called Lufthansa, who said there is a special form for this kind of issue and i need to go back to the airport to get one from a Lufthansa member of staff ( at Manchester Airport )
I did this last week and was told there is nothing more they can do as i dont have any reference number for the bag. I asked if they have CCTV that they can check to show that i gave them 3 cases, they say they dont. The only evidence i have is kind of circumstantial, and is that i paid upfront for checked baggage for 3 cases
I should have checked at the time so i am responsible for not querying this on the spot, its a bitter pill to swallow, but they did take my case and i dont really want to leave it there, especially as it could be somewhere waiting to be claimed but i cant get that info over to the relevant airports.
Any suggestions / experiences will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very  much.


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    Claim on your travel insurance?
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    Thanks. Insurers wont accept any claim unless the airline admit they have lost the bag, the airline are saying they havent had a bag 
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    Did you have your own address label on the bag?

    It’s a long shot and odds are not stacked in your favour but the bag may still be sitting at Manchester Airport. If a bag is sent down the belt without a label then the bags are set aside and they will try to determine which flight and which passenger it may have been misplaced from. This is obviously more easy to do if the mistake picked up quickly. Always check you have been given the correct number of baggage receipts for cases checked in - and that they are tagged for the correct destination.

    In perhaps a normal world the handing agent for Lufthansa at MAN may have been able to spend time to call around internal teams or even take you through to baggage areas to see if you could identify it. Unfortunately I suspect that those poor staff don’t even have time for a toilet break let alone time to go out of their way to search manually for a non-tagged case. 

    If you have your own address label on it there is a chance it will eventually get picked up and someone with time log the lost bag and contact you. 
    I hope for a happy ending but at the moment the cards are stacked against you.
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