What would you class as a good salary?

Curious to peoples thoughts on what is a good salary these days......


  • OrbitHeadache
    It's entirely subjective, depends on people's circumstances.

  • Nasa
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    40k (exc London)
  • JReacher1
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    I would say £50k in the north west. 
  • Marcon
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    Thinking purely in terms of salary gives an inadequate picture. Total remuneration is what really matters. What counts as a good salary depends very much on whereabouts in the UK you live and what you do. £15 an hour for a checkout operator is a great rate of pay, rather less so for a heart specialist.
    Googling on your question might have been both quicker and easier, if you're only after simple facts rather than opinions!  
  • Own_Worst_Enermy
    Personally upwardly of £20k - South East for a 23+ in these times.

    To think I'd watched a payday loan programme giving 20k basic to Kent workers in 2015 so I don't think it unrealistic when dealing with a much far poorer customer base at nearly 7 years on but alas they think 40 hours at just past 18k somehow cuts the mustard in 2022. As someone listening to someone swearing/shouting on pretty much each call (it said you've the personality/disposition/experience to deal with this, with no lunch break) to think a modern job of simply being called a robot answering tickets and live chat in modern job world behind the computer screen and or quieter environment and having a firm lunch break, can be on much more it makes no sense. : /

    I just hoped for pension contributions on starting a job if you want to pay c!#p - it's a pretty basic thing but must employers can't bother their backside for a least 3 to 6 months on this level.
  • MattMattMattUK
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    It will be subjective as well as based on the region one lives, one's age, children, lifestyle etc. It will also depend where you have come from, if you spend most of your life earning minimum wage then £50k will feel amazing, to someone who has always earned sound that amount it will not feel anything special.

    Pre-Covid I was earning £120k pa, I classed that as a good income, during Covid business fell off a cliff and my income dropped to £18k per year, that was not a good income. Now my income is back up to around £60-70k and that is an ok income, but not really what I would class as good. I would say it would be good again when I get back to six figures.
  • Alfrescodave
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    Personally upwardly of £20k - South East for a 23+ in these times.

    OP asked what would be a good salary, £20k is barely above minimum wage and would hardly cover basic living costs in the South East. 
  • 74jax
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    We have very little outgoings and own a few properties bringing in money so salary doesn't feature as much as it once did. 
    When I was a single mum a good salary would have been one that covered all my bills and food and allowed for clothing. That figure would be different for everyone but it's what I would have considered good. 
    Forty and fabulous, well that's what my cards say....
  • TELLIT01
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    A salary which allows a comfortable standard of living, without having to worry about being able to pay the bills, with enough left over for holidays etc.  The figure will vary from person to person and area to area.  I've known people earning far more than I ever did who still pleaded poverty due to the lifestyle they wanted.
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