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Me and partner have been making water payments for a rented property because the estate agent signed us up for these. However on talking to another resident we have discovered that water payments are paid via the managing company through service charges and it has not been necessary to make the payments.

We have been trying to get a refund from Southern Water for the 18 months worth of payments made but it feels like we are facing a losing battle. They are claiming they can't offer us a refund which will need to be provided by the management company who themselves are being difficult. Do you think this is something worth pursuing or will we keep getting fobbed off between the management company and the water company?


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    IMO it is the Management company at fault - they usually are!!

    The water company are not to know who should pay the charges. If they refunded you, the management company could argue they had paid in error and claim a refund.

    That is why it is standard practice for utility companies not to get involved in 'third party' disputes.
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