Cheap 'n' cheerful homemade pet toys

I'd like to get a few examples going, if possible, of people's homemade pet toys.

If it's true for your pet, as it is for my cat, that bits of packaging can elicit more excitement than any full-priced toy, please show me your free/cheap 'n' cheerful makeshift pet toys.

My cat loves feathers. Especially if it's a really good flyer. I stand on the stairs and float them down to her to catch. She also enjoys jumping about in tissue paper, so I save it up and stick it in a box for her. By poking small holes in the box, I can push a stick through and make the tissue paper move - she goes wild for that.

I remember keeping loo roll cardboard tubes for my hamster when I was a kid too.

Now how about yours?


  • TripleH
    TripleH Posts: 3,019 Forumite
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    Cardboard boxes are loved by all.
    Judging by the destruction this afternoon a fly makes a great toy.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
  • TripleH
    TripleH Posts: 3,019 Forumite
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    Our recently departed tortie got one of those cat treat dispensers they bat with their paw to get treats out.
    She emptied it in about 5 seconds.
    She also once slapped me for taking a toy out of her little box she'd tidied them away in.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
  • sheramber
    sheramber Posts: 19,341 Forumite
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    The leg off an old pair of jeans tied in a knot makes a strong tuggy.

    A knotted tea towel soaked and then frozen is good for teething puppies.
  • SensibleSarah
    SensibleSarah Posts: 609 Forumite
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    Don't have any pics but I use a lot of 'homemade' enrichment stuff for my dogs. So things like rolling up some kibble/treats in an old towel so they have to unravel it etc to get the food out. I also use cardboard boxes and paper packaging a lot for similar stuff, so loads of scrunched up paper in a cardboard box, some with treats in the middle, then the dog has to root through everything to find the food. 
  • Murphybear
    Murphybear Posts: 7,309 Forumite
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    A fine beam torch pointed up the wall was great fun for one of my cats.  She was agile when she was young and she could almost make it halfway up the wall in one leap.  Cats are amazing :)

    One thing to steer clear of.  I passed a house that had a lot of pampas grass and one piece was broken off and the owner, who was gardening, said I could have it.  Big mistake, cats and pampas grass.  The same cat destroyed it totally in less than a minute.  It took me ages to clear it up.

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