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Hi hope someone can help me with the best way to handle this issue...
We moved in to a new build home a little over a year ago, when we moved in i tried to contact lerp utilities which I was told would be the company that deal withs our water, after talking to them they said it was Themes Water that would be dealing with our area so I called Thrmes and they said it would be Leep after a few calls to both water companies I was told to wait till I receive my first bill then go from there (which I did) now I just received a bill from Themes which I paid then I submitted the meter reading and now they have given me a much much bigger bill is there anything I can do about this?.


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    If you did not receive a reading the bill was based on an estimate.

    Once you submitted the reading they corrected the bill to reflect the real water use. If you got a much bigger bill you used a lot more water.

    Not sure what you think can be done about this or are the numbers they are using wrong, for example did they charge everything at the latest tariff instead of splitting between last years tariff and this years?
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    What was the reading you gave them ?  Did you also read the meter when you moved in ?

    I presume you mean Leep Utilities and Thames Water.

    Never pay on an estimated bill
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