I need to leave

Hi, I'm not sure why I'm posting this, I think I need some moral support.

I need to leave. There's too much to go into but I've got 2 children and I've put up with all this going on for about 14 years. Been together 15 years this year. 

I've asked my mum to sort a bed out and a cot, there isn't much room but we need to go and without alerting him we are going.

I feel sick. I don't feel strong enough but I can't cope much longer and my 2 children mean everything to me. 


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    So sorry to hear you are in this position.

    This link may give you support, there's a forum on there:
    I need help - information and support on domestic abuse (womensaid.org.uk)
  • CaseyfaceCaseyface Forumite
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    Thanks Pollycat.

    I've never left before.

    It's now or never.
  • sammyjammysammyjammy Forumite
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    Keep posting here if it helps, it doesn't matter what you say, have a rant, ask about financial help or whatever you need, there are plenty of people here that have experienced difficulties and come out the other side.

    Take care of yourself and your children, that's all that matters.

    Before you go think about what kind of paperwork you'll need, if you can't take it then photograph it on your phone.
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  • CaseyfaceCaseyface Forumite
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    Pollycat said:
    I agree with sammyjammy.
    Carry on posting here if you feel more comfortable (I didn't mean it to sound like you should move over to the Women's Aid forum, just that there will be lots of people who've been in the same situation as you and come out the other side on there).

    Sending hugs.

    I didn't think you meant that ☺️ thanks for replying x
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