Battling Easyjet and Opodo to get EC261 Compensation for cancelled flight


Our Easyjet flight was cancelled in February due to a storm. I immediately booked us onto the next available flight, which happened to be an AirFrance flight the next day using Opodo.

Since then I have been raising EC261 claims on Easyjet to get the replacement flights, taxis, hotel, and food expenses reclaimed. So far I have raised four different claims, of which three have been partly approved and one remains outstanding.

This is what I have learnt so far, for others benefits... but I also have a number of out-standing questions I would value advice on.

  1. When EasyJet cancel a flight they immediately ask you if you want a refund. My understanding is that immediately voids them of EC261 responsibility and thus is usually not in the best interests of the consumer
  2. In general Easyjet are efficient at deciding on, and settling claims, and there is nothing to stop you submitting your claim in parts, or re-submitting parts that get rejected.
  3. Obviously you will need receipts, but the Easyjet requirements are strict (e.g. a taxi receipt needs the route) so think carefully about how you book, e.g. an Uber gives you a proper receipt, whereas a local taxi generally only gives you a scribbled business card
Whilst I have now reclaimed most of our expenses (minus the taxi that only gave us a scribbled receipt) the biggest single expense (the flights) is outstanding, and it is here I would value advice.

The booking was through opodo (I will never book with them again) and I initially used their booing confirmation for the claim, which Easyjet rejected as it was not an invoice. I then asked opodo for an invoice which they failed to send despite daily requests for seven days in a row. I finally escalated their online support tool) which is the only way I could get anything vaguely useful from them.

Now despite getting an invoice, it had the wrong passenger names (my name was shown for all five seats), it wasn't itemised and it had the wrong airports listed. Obviously easyjet rejected that, and despite four more requests to Opodo the same incorrect invoice has been sent every 

Question 1: Is there any way I can force Opodo to send me an accurate invoice?

In the end I decided I had to get some money back, and so I submitted the invoice Air France issued, which were for about £800 instead of the £1100 I paid to Opodo (I think most of the difference was baggage which I thinK Opodo had double charged for, more on that later). Despite closing every other EC261 expense claim within days Easyjet have over-run the 28 days they promised to respond within, and are now on 35 days.

Question 2: Is the 28 day response limit to EC261 claims a legal requirement, and if so how can I get it enforced?

Finally, going back to the difference between the Opodo and AirFrance invoices. The Opodo invoice shows a mediation fee of £26.88, and then a baggage cost of 4*£46.26, however the AirFrance invoice shows that baggage is included in their normal seat price, so it seems Opodo have taken this money and not passed it on to AirFrance.

Question 3: Are opodo allowed to charge twice for baggage and then not pass it to the airline?

Any thoughts on these questions would be really welcome.

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