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I upgraded to Full Fibre 100 on 4 Feb.  Installation was not completed until 9 Feb and since then we have had multiple multiple drop outs and disconnections and a 4 hour no service at all.   Multiple calls with BT and incredulous conversations.  Promised and booked in Openreach appointments (5 hour windows)  to visit the property where no-one has turned up.  Digital voice telephone which eventually BT admitted they could not connect and make work.  It is absolutely shambolic as each call we are told something else seems to be the issue.  The latest.......they are returning the service from full fibre to fibre from the cabinet.  Yet I receive my bill today for full fibre service! Anyone else had similar issues?


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    BT often fair badly on their customer service unfortunately.  I'd suggest you raise a formal complaint with them and document all the issues.  The way full fibre works, it should be very stable and not have any drop-outs, as the old factors that affect FTTC (noise, REIN, water in the cabinet etc) are non-existent for light transmission.

    We left BT after they told us we couldn't get faster than 3Mbps on their infrastructure.  ZEN gave us 6Mbps initially, rising to 9Mbps until pandemic hit, then it got slower as more people used it :(
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