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What else bugs you about new and new-ish building designs?

w12ee3e Posts: 142 Forumite
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edited 26 April 2022 at 8:33AM in House buying, renting & selling
It might just be me but I absolutely loathe the design of placing two front doors right besides each another. Why do they keep doing that? What is the rationale behind that? Usually you see this joke on terraces and/or semi's. It seems the architects are making the presumption that both neighbours are going to want to maximise the opportunity to see each other coming in and out so the wives can of course catch up with the latest gossip about each others husbands (as if we're all married or coupled up by default whatever/maximum cringe factor) etc etc. IMO most people want to be left alone and be not be 'forced' at see each other at ever given opportunity. Who gives the house builders to try forfeit people's privacy any more than putting windows in the party-walls?

Usually the said buildings have walls no thicker than a 3mm sheet of plywood so when little Tommy is crying again at 2.30 AM you'll be sure to hear it too.



  • UnderOffer
    UnderOffer Posts: 798 Forumite
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    Hmmm, with the doors together does that mean the stair cases then run together side by side? Does this help with noise transference as both your lounges are on other side of stair case and in theory you don’t share an internal wall, as for example you are not sitting with both yours and your neighbours sofas back to back. 

    I always thought that was a reasonable design, you really aren’t going to spend all day watching the front door, yes you might coincidentally arrive or leave at same time, but with the example you gave, windows are quite small so views to neighbour limited. 
  • diego_94
    diego_94 Posts: 222 Forumite
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    The general bad quality a shoddiness of the builds is a bug bear of mine. 
  • ABFG
    ABFG Posts: 52 Forumite
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    Much like Flugelhorn I can't stand the excessive open plan, mostly to do with kitchens. So many places had the kitchen as one wall of a very big open plan kitchen/living room/dining room. Far better to have a separate kitchen and separate larger living room/dining area, or if space allows a kitchen diner with separate living space.

    Also commercial office buildings or massive city centre blocks of flats that are vast expanses of glass instead of walls. They all look the same and are hideous. I wonder if in future years they will be thought of as 'period features' having all that glass, like wooden beams or decorative brick work.
  • ProDave
    ProDave Posts: 3,719 Forumite
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    If you are going to pick apart that particular house I would add:

    Clearly the front of the house is north facing.  So why put the living room at the front where it will never get any sun and the kitchen at the back?  I would want the kitchen at the front and living room at the back with a nice big set of patio doors onto the garden.  The real issue here is builders stamp out standard designs with little or no thought how they fit onto the plot and build the same house on different direction plots. sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

    I don't like the (almost) no front garden and don't get me started on the tiny back gardens.

    At least that one, because of the retaining wall, has a tall fence around the garden so is a lot less overlooked than many others.
  • Spreadsheetman
    Spreadsheetman Posts: 436 Forumite
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    edited 26 April 2022 at 9:59AM
    agree re stairs and hallways being next to each other - good move

    my beef is the open plan nature of may ground floors, I know it is a personal thing but I prefer separate rooms - bought new house with separate  Kitchen breakfast room / dining room / sitting room and hallway - unlike others locally where you have go through the sitting  room to get everywhere else
    My old 1930s semi had the opposite design with hall/staircases at the outside ends. Meant I could hear my neighbours listening to the telly in their bedroom when I was trying to get to sleep. I wouldn't have it that way again.

    I agree on the excessive open-plan thing, although I don't mind a good-sized kitchen-diner instead of a separate dining room.

    I really like to have a utility room to get things like the washing machine out of the kitchen and provide a bit of a buffer to the outside world when the weather is bad.

  • Section62
    Section62 Posts: 7,792 Forumite
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    w12ee3e said:

    It might just be me but I absolutely loathe the design of placing two front doors right besides each another. Why do they keep doing that? What is the rationale behind that?

    Ultimately it is a consequence of trying to cram as large a house as possible onto the tiniest sliver of land.
  • Ramouth
    Ramouth Posts: 655 Forumite
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    For me it is the lack of thermal mass.  Yes all that insulation keeps you nice and warm in the winter but it’s so hard to keep cool in the summer!  Our bedroom is in the timber framed extension to a stone cottage and I am already finding it a bit warm at night.  May have to move into the spare room for the summer!
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