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Helping a friend in trouble

edited 14 April 2022 at 3:18PM in Marriage, relationships & families
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  • thegreenonethegreenone Forumite
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    Is he sending money to family?  Sadly, the cost of living is high and only getting worse.  Has he/they underestimated how much is needed just to survive here?  If that is the case, he needs to talk to his family, however difficult that be.

    If he works for Aldi, he should be getting a discount (?), if not try another supermarket or an extra shift, if that's possible.  I hope you can find a solution.
  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    Look for the community fridges and similar schemes in his area to help reduce his food costs.  Invite him along when you go to one to show that it's an acceptable thing to do.  

    I agree with others about benefits, jobs, what's got him into and keeping him in his current situation.
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    Benefits calculator, he may be entitled to something.  Food banks. Local council financial help schemes

    It would be hard without knowing his outgoings, if there is anything (with his bills) that he can cut down on

    If you have a spare room you could consider having him as a Lodger
    With love, POSR <3
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