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Tips for staging house



  • newsgroupmonkey_
    Loza2016 said:
    My pets hate in estate agents photos are 
    Items stored on top of kitchen wall cupboards. 
    Things stuck onto the fridge like pictures, magnets etc 
    cleaning products on show in bathroom and to many toiletries on show. 

    Wow! You'd turn down a house based on these?

    All of the above are absolutely insignificant for me when looking for a house. I don't care about the current owners possessions. I care about what I'll inherit.
  • NornIronRose
    Thanks for all the tips of things I hadn't thought of! 
    Today is day 1 of my mission to get the house looking great to get it ready to go on the market. 
    Planning to get an EA round to value. Do I need to do all of the decluttering, painting wee bits etc BEFORE the valuation? Or can I go ahead at least with that? 
  • youth_leader
    youth_leader Posts: 2,486 Forumite
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    Do get at least three people round to value and do thoroughly research the 'sold' price of comparable houses. 

    I had three estate agents round and chose the wrong one, I had to drop my price three times.  I was gardening out the front and a dog walker informed me they had been 'following' my price drops on Property log, I felt sick. 
    £216 saved 24 October 2014
  • NornIronRose
    I am planning on three valuations. And have looked at the sold prices. But thanks for the reminder.
    Ex husband insisting I just get one, Penrose, to value. But I'm quite rightly ignoring that. 
  • Gavin83
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    TripleH said:
    When tidying away for photos and viewings, tidy away things, don't cram items in cupboards.
    You want doors to shut properly (as people will assume the doors are broken if they don't).
    People will look in cupboards and if mess will assume you are hiding something.
    Actually have a proper declutter before you list the property.
    I don't have a problem with family photos on the walls (as it helps portray it as a home) but take excessive ones down and clean off the dust marks from the frames.
    Fix any small jobs you have put off (ie if you have a broken window fix it).
    A few plants in locations throughout the house is useful but make sure they suit the light available where you put them.
    Thats the benefit of having a garage/shed, you can just stick everything in there. Our EA said the viewers would not need to see in the garage and none of them asked to. 
    I've always looked inside the garage when viewing a property. I'm actually surprised you say it's not common to do so as I'd say it's an important part of what you're buying. I'll also view the loft space if at all possible.

    I draw the line at looking inside cupboards though. I know someone mentioned it earlier but I'd consider it extremely rude to start rooting through peoples cupboards/drawers.
  • turnitround
    turnitround Posts: 715 Forumite
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    No clutter under the beds. It always makes me think there is not enough room for proper storage.

    I agree about the wide angle lense not being used. I always think that when you go to view it cant be good to have your first impression being one of disappointment when you see the actual size of the room. Yes, I know there are floor plans for size but first impression is always from the photos. 

    Oh and please, no random photos of a tap/home sweet home sign/door handle/etc. We have a local estate agent who just loves taking photos at an angle and that really grates.
  • EssexHebridean
    EssexHebridean Posts: 21,482 Forumite
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    We gained a new motto while we were getting our place ready for listing - "Does it draw the eye, though?" - we then applied this to absolutely every room in terms of what needed clearing and tidying, paintwork needing touching in and that sort of thing.  I bet everyone's home has a few of those things that you as the owner have long since forgotten you ever intended doing - so a lot of it is about adopting an impartial mind and then reviewing your home coolly. We did as much as we thought was reasonable, then asked the agents for their opinions about anything else when they valued - if anything we had probably practised a bit too much attention to detail but at least it meant we didn't have anything else to do before the photos were taken! 

    Other things - spotlessly clean windows look better from both inside and out, and will let in more light as well.
    I agree with those saying that lights on are a no.
    Toilet seat down please! 
    Be mindful about what sends a message of "not enough storage".
    Beds - they don't need to look like a hotel with implausible numbers of cushions but they ought to be made tidily.
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  • Skiddaw1
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    Jugs/vases of spring flowers. Lifts any house especially as we're in daffodil season and you can grab plenty for virtually nothing.
  • NornIronRose
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    More good comments and tips. My treat to myself at this time of year are thr bunches of daffs for 89p from Aldi. Definitely lifts the dining table. 
    Getting a quote from a window cleaner. Have not had the upstairs windows properly cleaned for a long time. Will definitely do the insides. And a Marigold cloth for the shiny cupboard doors in the kitchen. Brings them up a treat for very little effort. 
    Just about to get rid of the net curtains in the living room as it is quite a dark room. Already have blinds in there anyway but because it is close to the footpath I liked them for more privacy. Looks as if I have my work cut out for me! 
  • Sapindus
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    As a buyer I do like to have all the bedrooms photographed and listed, I like to see all sizes. As a seller I asked for all the bedrooms to be shown in listing, EA wasn’t keen and wanted potential viewers to be left “wanting to see more”, I insisted and it didn’t put off viewers or offers, I was probably the only listing with that agent with all 4 bedrooms shown. 
    Gosh yes, if I see a 3 bed house and one of the bedrooms isn't pictured, I assume there's something wrong with it!  Your EA sounds barmy.
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