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Tips for staging house



  • powerspowers
    powerspowers Posts: 1,127 Forumite
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    Good tips here!
    I sold a house in 2020 and was disappointed that we weren’t getting many viewings. We did a big declutter and had the photos redone. Also painted two childrens rooms white and replaced the cabin beds with singles which made a huge difference in the photos. 
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  • twoLou
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    edited 13 April 2022 at 9:12AM
    Most things have been covered already but a couple of things - try and get the wheelie bins out of sight and personally  I don’t like seeing the lights on as always makes me think it’s going to be dark but that’s usually up to the photographer, thankfully the one that came to me was of the same opinion.

  • jonnydeppiwish!
    I think kerb appeal is mentioned a lot - shine your door knocker, pots of flowers, cut the grass regularly for drive pasts, clean doormat etc.

    For the bathroom definitely toilet seat down, people feel awkward about it. All toiletries in the bathroom out of sight,and scrub everything in there until it sparkles, matching towels, clean bin etc.  

    Kitchen should also be scrubbed and clean, hide away recycling etc.

    For the bedroom people recommended plain bedding to me, I bought a couple of plain eiderdowns. 

    For the lounge remove personal photos etc.

    One thing that let me down was having plug in electric radiators on view.   A viewer commented that 'obviously the boiler isn't good enough'.  My house had single glazed sash windows and stripped floorboards with a six foot cellar underneath, we did need the additional heat when it was 0 degrees.


    I think the tip about the eiderdowns is an excellent choice - very simple to achieve a tidy (tidier in case of teenagers who normally have a floordrobe!), and relatively inexpensive.

    Plus you can take them with you and not have the heating in at night, saving on energy supplies!

    Declutter at least twice - once on your own, then with a blunt friend. 

    If you can tidy the garden then do - a quick strim will last 2-3 weeks, lawnmower weekly.

    Brush/tidy outside.
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  • hazyjo
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    Another: open curtains, shutters and blinds FULLY and keep windowsills mainly clear.

    Re my garden comment, not saying Chelsea Flower Show standards, just don't let that and the front of the house look stark and get rid of any dead plants.
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  • jonnydeppiwish!
    Oh and get rid of any net curtains - there’s nothing worse than those to make a house look dank and dark.
    2006 LBM £28,000+ in debt.
    2021 mortgage and debt free, working part time and living the dream
  • Loza2016
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    My pets hate in estate agents photos are 
    Items stored on top of kitchen wall cupboards. 
    Things stuck onto the fridge like pictures, magnets etc 
    cleaning products on show in bathroom and to many toiletries on show. 

  • Skiddaw1
    Skiddaw1 Posts: 2,043 Forumite
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    All of the above definitely, and do keep on top of it. I know it's a buyer's market currently (it was the other way around when we last sold) but whilst you're on the market you need to be permanently staged as you never know when the EA will be on the blower to arrange a short notice viewing. I nipped around with the hoover and polish every day, made sure the windows and floors were clean, kept us topped up with fresh flowers, picked up any dead leaves in the garden, etc. It's a bit of an effort but it means you're always prepped and ready to go when a call comes.
  • Woolsery
    Woolsery Posts: 1,535 Forumite
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    Skiddaw1 said:
     I know it's a buyer's market currently (it was the other way around when we last sold) but whilst you're on the market you need to be permanently staged
    I thought it was the other way around at present; too many buyers for too few properties, at least where I am.
    I don't think it will last, mind!

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