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What are your worst or weirdest experiences from a vendor hosting the viewings?

Following on from another thread I thought this could make a fun read. What are your stories?

I went to a viewing once by the vendor and he was bad at it! He walked around pointing out all the problems and ow expensive they would be to fix, telling us how busy the road was and going on about how when he moved in he had some of the best times of his life but now his wife left him and his kids have left home so he is all alone and spends most his time at the pub.
Needless to say we were not really imagining good times in the house when viewing LOL! Some people should leave it to an agent.


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    From a friend; the owners had recently started or expanded the family, and my friends were greeted at the door by the father, with a baby on one arm, holding a used nappy in the other hand. The aroma wafting around the house, they tell me, was "interesting"...
  • phoebe1989sebphoebe1989seb Forumite
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    Years ago, viewing a flat to buy.... the couple selling had obviously not had time to prepare for our arrival as there were knickers (lots, not just the one pair 😮) strewn all over the bedroom floor. No apologies for the mess, either 🙄
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    I've not had any bad viewings with the vendors to be fair. However, two ahem, notable ones with estate agents. One where she got really annoyed that we were taking longer than just a cursory look in each room, kept trying to usher us out and then wouldn't let us see the (extensive) gardens or outbuildings saying "ok, you've seen enough now" 😱
    The other (different EA) where they employ people specifically to do viewings, for the most part they just open the door and let you get on with it. This one though had clearly never been to this particular property before and followed us round pointing things out himself "oo, there's a bit of a funny wiff in here", "I'd get that crack there looked at" " I've no idea what this would have been for" etc. It was a strange one but I actually quite liked him, made a change from some of the arrogant, we're doing you a favour allowing you to view types 🤣
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