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I am suffering from wisdom tooth pain. My two wisdom teeth are growing at the same time. It's very painful. I consulted many doctors. They recommended tooth extraction surgery. If anyone has had a similar experience, please share your advice. If there is any remedy other than surgery, please reply immediately.
Thank you


  • SootySweep1
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    You will need to see a dentist for advice on this. They will be able to x-ray and see why you are in pain & advise on treatment.

    I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted when I was younger because they were impacted & were getting infections. It was done under a general anaesthetic in hospital.

  • Perfumeflower57
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    No need to worry at all about having wisdom teeth extracted via surgery/general anaesthetic. I am the worlds worst for any sort of tooth pain and hate going to the dentist  :D  I have had surgery in the past to have a wisdom tooth taken out and I was actually surprised and didn't need to worry about anything. Went smoothly with no complications.

    It's usually in and out of hospital and go home the same day (Day surgery outpatient) if having it out by an oral surgeon at hospital under general. 

    However, if you didn't want to take the hospital route, the only other options are either having a local anaesthetic or sedation anaesthesia administered by your dentist.

    The difference between the two is you are awake during local (the local is applied to your gums to numb them) and will feel some pressure and movement/tugging during the extraction and sedation is administered through an IV in your arm to suppress your consciousness before extraction. You can also have local as well to numb gums during this procedure. You shouldn't feel any pain and will have limited memory after.

    In the meantime, I recommend taking some good painkillers. Either OTC or prescribed from your GP if you need something a bit stronger.
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    Just have it removed - it isn't a big deal. The longer you put it off, the more pain you will be in - and you will end up doing it eventually anyway
    With love, POSR <3
  • Whalie
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    I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out as two were impacted and caused a lot of pain and infection.  Went into hospital for mine but since had a tooth removed at a specialist dental surgery under sedation.  A few days to recover then end of pain!  Get it done!
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