Got BT Broadband do I have to have a BT Landline still?

Just that really - I've got BT broadband and a BT landline.  I never use the landline anymore but didn't know if it was still the case that I had to have it?

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    Depends on the type of broadband.
    If you've got full fibre then no.
    If you've got fibre to the cabinet then yes I think you may need to keep paying line rental, but they bundle it together with the broadband charge. But check with BT, I think now you can not pay for phone and save £5.

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    Thank you - will check
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    Its a mistake to think of line rental and telephony as the same thing , even if you had FTTP broadband only service , there is still a ‘line’ ( a fibre one ) and obviously it’s charged for, how it is presented on the bill doesn’t really matter.
    You can get a broadband only service from BT , no telephony at all , so no dialtone on the line , no telephone number associated with the broadband service , so no incoming or outgoing calls are possible…it officially is £5/month less than the equivalent broadband that does have a telephone service with it, but many find the saving is actually £2 a month ( if they were already getting a discount ) so it’s the case that the saving from taking the no phone service broadband, varies between £2 -£5 
    Hopefully you are not someone who thinks if line rental is quoted as £20 , and line and broadband is £30 , getting rid of line rental , broadband will be £10, it doesn’t work like that
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